Get a Plugin Kickstart with Yeoman & generator-plugin-wp!


Getting started on a new project is always exciting, but it often includes a lot of repetitive work, such as setting up the basics of your code that you need for any plugin, or downloading a boilerplate and filling in your project’s details.

Yeoman is a Node.js based project scaffolding tool for web development. Using generators availiable on npm, you can quickly get started with a wide variety of project types, including WordPress plugins and themes, Backbone.js apps, and even your own Yeoman generators (generator-generator).

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WDS Github Releases for April 2015

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Every month, WDS releases a bunch of goodies over on Github (and occasionally and elsewhere). While we typically share the links on social media, we know that it’s easy for things to get lost in the noise, so we will be bringing you our top releases of every month. While the vast majority are on Github, we’ll sometimes also be featuring non-Github releases as well.

Catch up on last month’s releases, and check out our choice releases for April 2015:

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Use Git to Test & Update Your Plugins for WordPress 4.2


WordPress emails you telling you that you need to update your plugins Tested up to

So, you get an email like this one every time WordPress publishes a new release. 4.2 just went out, so I got this email a few days ago. I’m not a serious plugin developer like most out there. They aren’t premium plugins; I just share my code because it’s helpful and it’s nice to know people use my stuff to help them do things. So, usually, I update my plugins after the release. Serious plugin developers are going to test their plugin before the release. For this tutorial, we’ll be updating it post release.

It’s good to let users know what version your plugin works on. When I looked at this list, I thought a lot of these plugins should work in 4.2, but people are probably not trying them because they are so outdated. This is not uncommon, especially if you’re just starting out or have that usual nine-to-five. I just got this email, so it totally sparked this post! Let’s get these updated!

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  1. Use WordPress on Git to easily switch back and forth between versions for testing
  2. Update your plugin’s ‘Tested up to’
  3. Publish your changes to quickly

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Who’s Going to WordCamp and BuddyCamp Miami?

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Wondering how to kick off a wonderful WordPress summer? No better way than WordCamp Miami (and BuddyCamp), which is coming up very soon! WordCamp Miami 2015 is May 29th-31st (and BuddyCamp Miami is that whole first day–May 29th!).

This is a big one, folks, and we’re pretty excited! WDS is sponsoring the event, and we are stoked to be supporting such an epic WordCamp (but aren’t they all epic, really?). Team WDS and Team Maintainn will be represented, with Brian Messenlehner, Ryan Fugate, and Rami Abraham in attendance (and presenting). You won’t want to miss their sessions, so get the lowdown below, and of course, as per usual, we’ve highlighted a few other things you might want to check out while you’re there.

In addition to that, we have two extra tickets to give to two awesome WordPress nerds! If you would like to attend WordCamp Miami and need a ticket, drop us a line in the comments and tell us which session from the schedule caught your eye. We’ll pick two randomly, and each will get a ticket from us.

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Using wp_cron (or “How to cron a cron that’s not really a cron”)


One extremely confusing set of functions within WordPress is the concept of “wp_cron“. For those of you unfamiliar with it, is a scheduling tool on Unix systems and, in itself, is not without its own confusing elements. Let’s take a more user-friendly example for scheduling an event first. Let’s say I wanted to create a recurring event in a calendar app. Probably I’d start by picking a day on a calendar and then put all my information in there, including the recurrence of the event.


On Windows, the task scheduler is a pretty similar workflow. You get a graphical interface, tell it what you want to run and how frequently and, barring some horrible problem, the machine will fire that action or run that program at the desired frequency. This is especially handy for scheduling things like backups.

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Tech Non-Profit Spotlight: Happy Joe

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One of the major organs in WebDevStudios’ anatomy is its gigantic heart, and from it comes our contribution to the community in both charitable and educational capacities. As giving back is part of the core of WDS, it only made sense for us to turn the lens outward and shine a light on other people in the tech community who are similarly passionate and proactive.

As a result, welcome to our monthly spotlight on non-profits who are doing the good work–the meaty, meaningful stuff–and making the world a better place. Last month, we featured Girl Develop It, a nationwide non-profit organization that provides affordable web and software development programs for adult women.

If you’re at all familiar with WDS history, you already know that veterans hold a special place in our hearts. As a result, we are pleased and honored to be highlighting Happy Joe this month.

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It’s That Time Again…Win a Copy of Professional WordPress!

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If you’re a long time WebDevStudios fan and/or one of the brilliant people we’ve had the fortune of connecting with through the WordPress community, you’re probably familiar with the Professional WordPress books written by Brad Williams, David Damstra, and Hal Stern. The third edition of Professional WordPress was released January 15th; we hosted a giveaway in honor of its release, and we figured hey, we’re probably overdue to host another one…dontchyathink?

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New Jersey, Come Learn About WordPress Multisite!

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Hey hey! Calling all New Jersey WordPress nerds! The New Jersey WordPress meetup group (organized by a few familiar faces) is hosting the indomitable Brad Williams for a presentation on WordPress Multisite.

The presentation itself will be a basic introduction to WordPress Multisite, including showing how to set-up and use Multisite and going over some of the benefits of using WordPress Multisite. The event will be taking place at Cowerks, a rad coworking space in Asbury Park.

In case you have somehow stumbled across this blog without any prior knowledge of Brad Williams (or WDS): Brad is our CEO, as well as one of the authors of Professional WordPress. He has an extensive background in WordPress and web development; if you have questions about WordPress or about entrepreneurial endeavors, this is a rare opportunity to catch him and ask him questions in person!

Brad’s the right guy to ask! After all, our team has created some amazing work using WordPress Multisite, like:

In addition to design and development, we created a multisite network that allows them to tailor regional specific content for their audience.

We developed HobNob Local’s network of sites that help local businesses reach local residents, encourage residents to support their local economy, and strengthen the community they live in. The local community sites also allow residents to learn about the going ons in their community real time from their mobile devices.

We’re especially proud to say we got to work with the largest school district in New Jersey! WDS migrated over seventy sites from a proprietary CMS into WordPress. Now the Newark Public School District calendar can post events to all of the schools, and each school in the district is a part of their multisite network. is an awesome organization that you may be familiar with; they were responsible for making the incredible Philly Tech Week take place! By getting them set up on WordPress Multisite, they are now better equipped to support and enhance local technology communities through news, events, and services.

Brad’s presentation on WordPress Multisite is on Thursday, April 30th, 2015, 7 PM – 9 PM! Cowerks is located at 619 Lake Ave, 3rd Floor, Asbury Park, NJ. Join and RSVP right here (or heck, DON’T RSVP and show up anyway!), go meet yourself some fellow WP-heads, and learn something new!