Custom BuddyPress Development

WebDevStudios specializes in developing and deploying custom BuddyPress websites. If you need a custom BuddyPress plugin or custom functionality built; WDS is here for you!

Are you using some of the great BuddyPress plugins out there but maybe they don’t work exactly how you need them to or they don’t play nice with each other? WDS can build a custom plugin to extend existing plugin functionality or directly alter any plugin to fit your needs. If you need brand new custom functionality not already provided by a plugin in the BuddyPress repository, WDS will build it from scratch.

BuddyPress provides a number of functions, hooks and filters that allow us to integrate with any of its out of the box features. A BuddyPress specific plugin can be built to extend member profiles, group pages, site activity, the registration process and much more. BuddyPress is a plugin itself ran on top of WordPress and utilizes core WordPress functions and database tables, plugins can be developed to integrate existing WordPress functionality or WordPress plugins that may not interact with BuddyPress elements.Ā  If you dream it we can build it!

Possible BuddyPress functionality you may need to develop:

  • A custom WordPress Multisite deployment integrated with BuddyPress
  • A custom registration process for BuddyPress or a private BuddyPress network.
  • Custom BuddyPress integration with other APIs like FourSquare, Twitter, Facebook Places, Google Maps or any available website API.
  • The ability to define random default avatars to us other then the default avatars BuddyPress is shipped with.
  • Turn BuddyPress into an OpenSocial container so you can run 3rd party appliactions on your social network.
  • Custom BuddyPress/Facebook integration, retrieving data from or pushing data to Facebook via the Facebook Graph API
  • Profile matching functionality for a dating website. Maybe show other members who have viewed your profile.
  • A Google map to display locations tied to all of the members of a BuddyPress Group page.
  • Customized BuddyPress group pages for a school so certain groups represent individual classes.
  • A custom BuddyPress paid member subscription based system.
  • A custom NING to BuddyPress conversion.
  • Custom member badges/alerts for defined activity.

BuddyPress Work Portfolio