Individual Solutions

Are you new to blogging and need a WordPress blog/website? Are you currently blogging on, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr, Jux or LiveJournal and want to migrate over to WordPress? You should be using WordPress for blogging because WordPress is the best blogging platform hands down! WebDevStudios can work with you to set up a new blog tailored to fit your needs or we can migrate your existing blog design and content into WordPress.

Are you currently blogging on and want to take the next step to self host your WordPress blog? Blogging on is awesome but you are limited to only using approved plugins and themes. If you self host WordPress you can utilize any plugins and themes you want or hire us to build custom plugins and themes for you. Another advantage of self hosting WordPress is that you own and are in complete control of all of your data, you can do whatever you want to your site with no limitations.

Are you not into blogging but still need a public facing website to represent you as an individual? WDS can still help! WordPress is also a full blown CMS (Content Management System) so you can easily manage and make updates to your website as you need too. The process for setting up a blog and a basic website is exactly the same.

Custom websites/blogs start at $5000 and can go up in price depending on any custom requirements. Contact us today about setting up a WordPress blog for you!