Project Scoping & Consulting

Designing a large or complicated website may seem like an overwhelming task, but WebDevStudios can make the process painless! Our project scoping and consulting services provide you with a complete project plan that will make the most difficult project seem like a breeze.

Project Scoping

Project scoping is available at our consultation rate of $99.00 per hour. Prior to beginning the scoping project our developers will estimate the time to complete the scoping phase and break the time down between the time needed to discuss your project and the time needed to prepare a detailed project scope.

The Project scope will include all the features and functionality discussed, a development timeline with milestones, wire frames of the major pages, website taxonomy and URL structure, and a firm quote for the project.

Once the scoping phase is complete we will provide you with all the informations mentioned above and you would be more than welcome to use the documents as you see fit.

Phone Consultations

Phone consultations regarding your site plans and design are available. Due to the number of requests we receive for consults, the fee for the phone consultation is $99.00 per hour. This fee is non-refundable, but if you choose to work with WebDevStudios, we will deduct the consultation fee from the total project cost.

Phone consults are only provided for non-clients to discuss the details and plans of their projects.  Clients are not required to pay for phone consultations as they are included throughout the design and development process.



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