Web Services & APIs

An API is a set of commands, functions, and protocols which programmers can use to access predefined functions to interact with an existing website. Basically an API allows any software application to push and pull data from a website with an open API. Below are examples and common APIs available for use with any website developed by WebDevStudios.com.

Google Map API Integration

If you would like to utilize the power of google maps on your internet or intranet website we can make your vision a reality. WebDevStudios uses the Google Maps API for any custom mapping integration. The API allows us to manipulate an embedded google map in your website and provides us with a number of utilities for adding any custom content to the map, allowing us to create robust mapping applications.

Some examples and uses for the Google map API:

Visually displaying any addresses or locations you use with in your existing application on a Google map. If you have a web application with a search form that yields addresses as search results, you could automatically plot those addresses on a map with custom markers representing different address types.

Tracking one or more GPS (Global Positioning System) devices to their corresponding latitude and longitude on a Google map. Using Ajax to update the map, markers will be plotted with their new coordinates every few seconds. Custom database development and programming allow clickable markers that can drill down into more specific information about the corresponding person or equipment associated with that particular GPS device.

Real Estate Companies can use Google maps API integration to plot all of their listings on a map. Below is a youtube video about trulia, a real estate search company that uses Google API intergration on 90% of their pages and has over 4.6 Million monthly unique visitors.

Twitter API

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging website that allows its users to send updates (aka tweets) which are text-based posts with a maximum 140 character limit.

The Twitter API is an open XML framework that allows any external website to post and pull data. This allows us the ability to create custom applications that can interact with Twitter and every Twitter member.

Applications can even authenticate members giving the ability to push and pull member specific data such as latest posts, replies, direct messages, and more. This is a powerful method for growing a strong online social presence.

WebDevStudios has worked extensively using the Twitter API and can help plan, develop, launch, and manage any Twitter specific application. Twitter API functionality can also be developed into new or existing websites allowing any website a hook into Twitter.

FriendFeed API

FriendFeed is a social aggregator that consolidates the updates from social networking websites such as blog entries, social bookmarking websites, social networks, and microblogging services. This allows anyone using multiple social networking websites to have a consolidated stream of details on all their activities across all their networks.

The FriendFeed API allows websites and applications authorized access to push and pull data from FriendFeed. The authorized member feature allows authentication of FriendFeed members via the API allowing to create posts directly to FriendFeed from any application or website.

WebDevStudios can utilize the FriendFeed API including planning, development, launch phase, and management for any FriendFeed specific application. FriendFeed integration is required to grow an online social presence.