AppPresser – Mobile App Framework

AppPresser is the first native mobile app development framework for WordPress. AppPresser allows you to use a WordPress site as an app, including access to device features such as the camera, contacts, and more. You can create your app completely in WordPress, using themes, plugins, and

Automatic Featured Images from Videos

When placing a YouTube or Vimeo video within the first 1000 characters of a post, the thumbnail of that video will automatically be sideloaded and set as the featured image for the post as long as the post does not already have a featured image

BuddyPress Registration Options

A WordPress BuddyPress plugin that allows for new member moderation, if moderation is turned on from the admin settings page, any new members will be blocked from interacting with any buddypress elements (except editing their own profile and uploading their avatar) and will not be

Chat Room

The Chat Room plugin allows administrators to easily create chat rooms for their users to participate in. Chat rooms are created via the WordPress administrative interface. After creation, users can access it via the permalink for the chat room. The plugin currently will only support


Project and Task Management have come to WordPress with our WP plugin:CollabPress. This plugin adds project, task list, and task features directly in WordPress! CollabPress features the following functionality: * Unlimited project, task list, and task creation * Easily edit tasks, task lists, and projects

Credly Custom Badge Assertion Shortcode

For Credly Pro members: Easily creates a page on your site for displaying official Credly Badge Assertions. Just add the shortcode to any page or post. The page will then dynamically embed the official badge information for any of your issued Credly badges, when a

Custom Post Type UI

The Custom Post Type UI plugin adds easy to use control over post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress. New WordPress 3.1 features Create and edit custom post types Create and edit custom taxonomies Attach Built-in and custom taxonomies to post types Advanced labeling for

Etsy Importer

This plugin will allow you to import your entire Etsy shop’s inventory into WordPress as posts in a Products custom post type. All you have to do is supply an API Key for an Etsy application and the ID of your shop and the plugin

Hash Link Scroll Offset

Often anchor links can be overachievers and can scroll a user past the section intended. This plugin attempts to change that by offering a setting that allows you to change the scroll offset when clicking anchors. It also adds a nice animated scrolling effect when

Network Sites Counts Dashboard Widget

After activating, this plugin adds a dashboard widget to the network admin dashboard page that displays a listing of all your sites and their published and draft posts. You can view other post-type counts by adding a post_type query parameter, like http://YOUR_SITE_URL/wp-admin/network/index.php?post_type=page. Contribute on Github. Manual Installation Upload the

NextGEN Public Uploader

The NextGEN Public Uploader is an extension plugin for the NextGEN Gallery plugin that allows frontend image uploading for your users. All images uploaded by your visitors must be moderated before being displayed in your NextGen Gallery. Installation: 1. Upload the nextgen-public-uploader folder to the plugins directory

Post Google Map

We are excited to announce the release of the Post Google Map plugin for WordPress and WordPress Multisite.   This plugin allows you to add multiple addresses to a post/page and have those addresses automatically plotted on a Google Map in a sidebar widget. This is a

Slideshow Captions for Jetpack

Jetpack has a pretty robust Image slideshow feature. (If you don’t know, “Add Media” button > “Create Gallery” > Choose photos > “Create new gallery” > Change type to slideshow in “Gallery Settings” > “Insert Gallery”) Jetpack’s handling of photo’s captions doesn’t work well with

StartBox Easy Hooks

Easily insert most kinds of content or markup into the various hooks available in the StartBox Theme Framework, without editing any theme files. This allows you to further customize your StartBox based project without having to deal with code and manually adding WordPress hooks. For

Taxonomy Switcher

This plugin allows you to select your “From”, and “To” Taxonomies, to convert all terms. Optionally select a parent term to limit terms to switch. Typing term names will do a live search of terms with the name you are typing AND possess child terms.

WordPress Announcement Plugin

Our WP-Announcements plugin is ideal for websites or blogs that would like to display a site wide announcement, notice, advertisement or emergency alert. WP-Announcements provides two announcement options: A customizable marquee that displays an assigned post title linked to that actual post. The marquee can

WordPress Google+ Connect

Allow your website members the ability to register and/or log in via their Google+ account utilizing the Google+ API. Set up a Google Plus Application and store the API credentials in the WordPress backend, when a user clicks on the “Login with Google+” button that

WP Manage Plugins

Our newest plugin, called WP Manage Plugins, is an easy way to give you more control over the plugins section of WordPress. This plugin features the following functionality: * Disable upgrade notices for specific plugins * Hide the plugins page from all users except yourself