WordPress Announcement Plugin

Our WP-Announcements plugin is ideal for websites or blogs that would like to display a site wide wp-announcement-popupannouncement, notice, advertisement or emergency alert.

WP-Announcements provides two announcement options:

  1. A customizable marquee that displays an assigned post title linked to that actual post. The marquee can be displayed by calling the php function wp_announce_marquee() anywhere in your theme, using the WP-Announce-Marquee Widget or using the Shortcode [wp_announce_marquee] anywhere in your post or page content.
  2. A popup window using ShadowBox-JS or ThickBox that displays the title and content of an assigned announcement post. The popup will only show up once for each visitor per active popup post as a cookie is created. Cookies can be deleted from all visitors in case you would like to display your message again.



WP-Announcements activates check boxes on the add/edit post page to allow easy assignment of announcement posts.

An admin page under the settings tab is also included to toggle announcements on or off and to manage all posts saved as announcements for easy retrieval and reuse of reoccurring announcements in the future.



screenshot-2 (1)


  1. Download the plugin from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-announcements/
  2. Upload the wp-announcements folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress or WPMU installation and activate.
  3. To display the marquee in your website: Call the php function wp_announce_marquee() anywhere in your theme, use the WP-Announce-Marquee Widget or use the Shortcode [wp_announce_marquee] anywhere in your post or page content.
  4. For posts checked off as popup announcements: The Popup will popup a new browser window by default unless you specify otherwise, some visitors may receive a popup blocker alert from their browser. Using the Shadowbox JS or ThickBox WordPress plugins are recommended, just upload and activate either plugin and save your popup type.
  5. Check marquee or/and popup announcement on any post add/edit page on the bottom left under categories.
  6. Manage announcements from the admin page located under “Settings>WP-Announcements”.

Download: WordPress Announcement Plugin
Compatible up to WordPress 3.1.x (and Multisite!)

For support please visit the WordPress Announcement Plugin Support Forum

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