WP Manage Plugins

Our newest plugin, called WP Manage Plugins, is an easy way to give you more control over the plugins section of WordPress. This plugin features the following functionality:

  • * Disable upgrade notices for specific plugins
  • * Hide the plugins page from all users except yourself
  • * Hide the WP Manage Plugins settings page from all users except yourself
  • * Automatically email the site admin when any plugin is added/activated/deactivated

This plugin should help anyone who is administering a WordPress website and needs more control over the powerful plugins section. This plugin is also great for blocking updates on plugins that you have modified.

This plugin was built for the WordCamp NYC Plugin Competition. Contributors include Matt Martz, Brad Williams, Brian Messenlehner, and Scott Basgaard.

1. Upload the wp-manage-plugins folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress installation
2. Activate the plugin
3. On the plugins page click “ignore updates” on any plugin you want to disable updates for
4. Visit the settings page for more options

Blocking a plugin from being updated:


WP Manage plugins settings


Download: WP Manage Plugins
Compatible up to WordPress 3.1.x

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