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Everybody has heard of Facebook, they have more then 500 million active users. With a custom Facebook Application you can potentially reach millions of people.

There are many ways to integrate and interact with Facebook from a full blown Facebook Application to Facebook features embedded into your stand alone website. Whether you have specific requirements for a project or are unsure of what fb integration you need WebDevStudios can help!

Facebook Graph API

Facebook’s Graph API gives developers the ability to interact with Facebook social graph objects (people, photos, groups, events, pages, checkins, etc…) and easily retrieve public and/or private information but in order to retrieve private information your application would first need permission from the end user. The Facebook API also allows developers to publish content to the Facebook social graph, using this method your application can post a custom message to someones wall, create photo albums and upload photos, checkin to places, create events and much more.

Graph API Objects

  • User
  • Application
  • Page
  • Group
  • Photo
  • Album
  • Checkin
  • Comment
  • Event
  • FriendList
  • Insights
  • Link
  • Message
  • Note
  • Post
  • Status Message
  • Subscription
  • Thread
  • Video

Facebook Query Language (FQL)

FQL is Facebook’s Query Language which enables developers to build custom SQL-style queries to interact with the Graph API. Utilizing FQL your application can access almost any data associated with any particular user. Some of the tables Facebook provides access to via FQL are listed below.

FQL Tables

  • album
  • application
  • checkin
  • comment
  • comments_info
  • connection
  • cookies
  • developer
  • domain
  • domain_admin
  • event
  • event_member
  • family
  • friend
  • friend_request
  • friendlist
  • friendlist_member
  • group
  • group_member
  • like
  • link
  • link_stat
  • mailbox_folder
  • message
  • metrics
  • note
  • notification
  • object_url
  • page
  • page_admin
  • page_fan
  • permissions
  • permissions_info
  • photo
  • photo_tag
  • place
  • privacy
  • profile
  • standard_friend_info
  • standard_user_info
  • status
  • stream
  • stream_filter
  • stream_tag
  • thread
  • translation
  • unified_message
  • unified_thread
  • unified_thread_action
  • unified_thread_count
  • user
  • video
  • video_tag

Facebook Social Plugins

Facebook’s social plugins allow you to integrate Facebook’s social features into your website. Below are a few simple examples.

Facebook Developers

Facebook provides an entire developer section of their website that details information about all of their features, please visit any of the links below to learn more.

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