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WordCamps and Meetups are a great opportunity for everyone interested in WordPress to come together and geek it out! Several presentations, speeches and discussion panels are always part of these knowledgeable get-togethers, but it’s not all seriousness. Fun activities such as hackathons and dev days also ensue.

If you’re interested in attending one these awesome gathering, keep your eye out for the next upcoming event!

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#5ftf five for the future

Sometimes you just have to put a plan in place and measure its success, then iterate along the way. We have decided to officially join the Five for the Future movement in 2014. That means we’ve started dedicating 5% of WebDevStudios time to contributing back to the WordPress project.

Each team member will have 2-hours per week of billable contribution time for WordPress and related projects. To avoid the problem of contribution time being punted for client work, we decided it would be best to start the week off giving back. This is also a great way to start the week off by doing something awesome, it is already proving to be energizing.


We’re constantly contributing to the core codebase that makes WordPress a stable, progressive content management tool.


With over 20+ plugins on WordPress.org, and Github we’re building and iterating the tools to makes sites faster, and robust.


Our team is eternally learning, testing, and evolving on new code and concepts. We write to share our experience with others.


So many plugins to choose from, and here are some of the most popular.


This plugin adds project, task list, and task features directly in WordPress!

Etsy Importer

This plugin allows you to import your entire Etsy shop’s inventory into WordPress as posts in a Products custom post type.

AppPresser- Mobile App

AppPresser is the first native mobile app development framework for WordPress.

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