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Why WordPress for Headless CMS?

A Headless Content Management System (Headless CMS) acts as a bridge between your main website platform and your library of content, such as blog posts, static text, and media. Enter Headless WordPress. WordPress is already the world’s most popular CMS, making it an easy, go-to solution when you find yourself in need of a Headless CMS. Keep reading to learn why our Headless WordPress agency confidently recommends this solution.

  • Free… Forever

    Do you care about owning your data? Are you concerned about recurring SaaS CMS costs? Headless WordPress is the obvious choice. WordPress has been around since 2003, is open-source, can be hosted on your server, and has a talented community of professional developers supporting it. Unlike SasS CMS, you don’t have to worry about Terms of Service, your data being sold, the SaaS being shut down, or worse, being gated, if you fall behind on your monthly payment.

  • Speed & Security Baked In

    Hosting your decoupled frontend on the Jamstack virtually eliminates the threat of a WordPress server or database hack, since hackers won’t even know you have a WordPress installed in the first place. When a traffic spike occurs, you can rest assured that your site won’t go down because your frontend is nothing more than HTML, CSS, and JavaScript served from highly capable CDNs. There’s no server side rendering or database calls to slow things down.

  • Comfortable

    The biggest benefit of using WordPress as a headless CMS is that it’s comfortable. Today’s content editors and writers have established a familiarity with the WordPress dashboard. Making the decision to move to a new CMS should not be taken lightly, since your content creators will need to learn a new system. This type of transition could cost you more than you think, and worse, might even stunt their creativity, which may hinder their ability to create amazing content!

Search Engine Optimization

Worried about SEO with a decoupled frontend? Don’t be! You’ll still be able to leverage the power of WordPress SEO and those settings will publish to the frontend. WebDevStudios’ website development projects are completed with solid optimization for search engines in mind.

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Every website we build, even Jamstack powered frontends, are built with accessibility in mind. Our development team is trained to follow strict coding standards. Every website we deliver has been rigorously tested to meet the latest accessibility standards. Accessibility matters.

Gravity Forms Support

Continue to build your forms using the familiar Gravity Forms drag-and-drop editor and have confidence it will render on your decoupled frontend. Submissions are pushed back into WordPress, so you don’t need to sign up for a third-party form service.

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Algolia Search

Bring the strength of the world’s most flexible AI-powered search and discovery platform to your decoupled frontend. With our very own WP Search with Algolia plugin pushing your content indices to Algolia, you will be able to leverage the lightning fast Algolia Instant Search on the frontend.

Works with Gutenberg Too

A good blog goes a long way. Not only does regular blogging strengthen your SEO, but it’s also a way to establish your expertise and provide your customers with the information they seek. Blog effortlessly with Gutenberg in WordPress. Whether it’s company news or product updates for your customers and fans, you can control content, editors, authors, users, and subscribers from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Before You Go Headless, Talk to Us

Don’t assume you need a headless CMS without consulting with an expert first. Headless WordPress is a powerful tool, but it’s unnecessary for every website. Traditional WordPress can be optimized for performance and security without the need for a complex setup.

Before you go headless, consider the unique responsibilities associated with managing a Headless WordPress website, such as:

  • Choosing and Managing a Frontend Framework: Headless WordPress requires you to choose and manage a frontend framework, such as React or Vue.js. This can be a complex task, especially if you are not familiar with frontend development.
  • Developing and Maintaining a Custom Frontend: You will need to develop and maintain a custom frontend for your Headless WordPress website. This can be a time-consuming and expensive task, especially if you have a complex website.
  • Managing Security: Headless WordPress websites are still vulnerable to security attacks. It is important to implement appropriate security measures, such as using a web application firewall and keeping your WordPress core and plugins up to date.

A traditional WordPress setup is sufficient for most organizations to meet all their requirements. However, if you have a specific need for a Headless WordPress setup, such as integrating your website with a custom frontend or delivering content to multiple channels, Headless WordPress may be the right choice for you. Contact WebDevStudios for a professional consultation.

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