PHPStorm for Front-End Developers

As a developer, front-end or back-end, there is no lack of strong opinions on why or why not developers choose their text editor or IDE. It tends to be a very personal choice.

A few popular editors in use these days are Sublime Text and Atom. On the IDE side of things, there is Coda and PHPStorm by JetBrains. It seems that most front-end developers steer clear from IDEs and lean more towards the more ‘lightweight’ code editors that have plugins for just about anything imaginable.

As for me, I seem to be a bit of an anomaly, because I am a front-ender who has only ever used PHPStorm! As a disclaimer: Late last year I tried to make the switch to Atom, but that experiment only lasted a few days.

I’ve never used Sublime Text. SHOCKING, I know!

Making a Case for PHPStorm

In this post, I want to share some of the key features I like about using PHPStorm from a front-end WordPress developer’s perspective. Perhaps you are one of those who is on the fence about giving it a try and just need a little convincing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do just that!

Also, if you are a back-end developer, there’s a good chance you still might learn something new as well!

Saying that PHPStorm is feature rich is a bit of an understatement. I’ve been using it for a solid year or so and I’m constantly finding out about new features.

Let’s dive right in!

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CSS @font-face: 2016 Edition


Remember back in 2009/2010, when @font-face was introduced? Developers rejoiced, because they no longer were they forced to use a (small) handful of fonts!

There were some caveats though…browser support was just okay. To make @font-face work across Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and mobile, you had to enqueue a bunch of different font file types…then do things like, “Bulletproof the @font-face syntax.” All of this introduced a bunch of extra HTTP requests and overhead.

Soon after, Google Fonts and TypeKit came along. Developers once again rejoiced because these services made it super easy to use custom fonts; without all the “@font-face overhead”. Those services are still relevant today, and a GREAT way to serve custom fonts. But…

…what if a client needs a custom font not listed on Google Fonts or Typekit?

In 2010, developers would have needed to enqueue five different fonts files, e.g.;.eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff, and maybe .otf.

In 2016, I will show you how to enqueue–and use–a single font file type: the .woff.

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WP API: Adding Custom Endpoints

WP API, WordPress, WordPress tutorials, WordPress REST API, WordPress 101, WordPress how-to, learn WordPress
Here at WDS, we’re expanding our usage of the WP API. We have had a number of API posts in the past, and now we want to cover custom API endpoints more thoroughly.

When working with custom content in WordPress, it is likely that you will come to a point where you want to retrieve that custom data via the WordPress REST API. There are a number of methods that you can use to expose your data via the API. This tutorial aims to explain those methods and provide useful examples.

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Prestige Conference 2016, HELLO!

Prestige Conf, Prestige Conference 2016, Brian Messenlehner, business tips, business tools, learn how to increase revenue, WebDevStudios, business tools, business education, business conferences

Another spectacular Prestige Conference is coming up next week, May 24th-25th, and we are so jazzed to head to Minneapolis!

Like PressNomics, Prestige is a tech conference that focuses on business and career development, rather than tech itself; most of the presentations are focused on discussing how to run a business in the tech industry, rather than on improving technical skills.

One of the biggest benefits of conferences like this is, of course, the presentations from well-established professionals who know their stuff, but also, the conversations that happen in between the formal scheduling–the hallway chats, brainstorming over meals, and networking amongst other like-minded pros in the industry.

At the last Prestige, Lisa and Dre went to talk business–when to go, when to stay, and what to consider when building a career, which led to them talking about how powerful it was to share their personal narratives in a professional context. At the Prestige prior to that, Brad gave his classic presentation on how to go from freelancer to agency by hiring the first employee, filled with true blue business trial and error based advice and WDS history. Since then, he’s given the talk a few other places, and now you can actually watch it on

This time, Brian is presenting on diversifying your company’s income streams and why it’s crucial to do so. Get your business advice from someone who knows!

Check out the details below about his presentation, as well as a few other things you won’t want to miss:

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The Power of Failure


I’m a failure.

You probably are, too. Admit it. Just say it out loud one time. Ping me on Twitter real quick and we can say it together:

“I’m a failure.”

Doesn’t that feel good? Feel a little bit less tension in your neck and shoulders? Maybe even feel a little more jazzed up about your day in general? Well, good! Keep that feeling and let me tell you why being a failure is actually pretty awesome.

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Is Clever Code OK?

random code

“Clever code” is a term that you may have heard before, accompanied by sighs and groans from other developers. Often, people seem to think of clever code as annoying, and perhaps even harmful. In this article, I’m going to give a brief overview of what clever code is, why it’s often avoided, and how it can be turned into a learning experience.

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Say Hello to Our New WordPress Support Technician, Russell Aaron!

Russell Aaron, WebDevStudios, WordPress developers, WordPress support, WordPress help, WordPress education, WordPress experts

We’ve had another member join the WDS family! Join us in welcoming our new WordPress Support Technician, Russell Aaron.

More about Russell:

Russell is a WordPress user, first and foremost. In 2011, he attended his first Las Vegas WordPress Meetup. Since then, Russell has been speaking in front of Meetup Groups and WordCamp events. Russell is a Nevadian at heart. Born in Reno, NV.

Russell started his web career in a less than traditional way–building MySpace layouts for rock bands. Russell would use his MySpace blog to express his failures and triumphs as a new dev. Shortly after, he discovered WordPress and hasn’t looked back.

Russell is an admin of the Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook, as well as the lead organizer of WordCamp Vegas 2015 & 2016 and a co-organizer of the Vegas WordPress Meetup Group.

In the last year, Russell has dedicated himself to becoming a better role model in the WordPress Community. Joining WebDevStudios certainly helps.

The hardest part about living in Nevada, is leaving Nevada for vacation. You’re out having a good time and all the sudden you hear last call’s being made. Last calls are urban myths in Nevada.

You can follow Russell @enqueue_russ, and find out where else to find him on his team page.

Want to join our team? We’re still seeking passionate front-end and back-end WordPress developers! Come join the gif party and build rad stuff from your home–or wherever you want–with an awesome group of folks!

Simple Marketing Strategy Don’ts

marketing strategy, marketing mistakes, marketing tips, lizz ehrenpreis, WebDevStudios, marketing advice
While marketing may look like black magic to those who don’t have a knack for it, it’s not the mystery it may seem to be from the outside. Excellent marketing is merely the concentrated application of empathy to strategy. The accessibility of Internet marketing has done some remarkable things for small businesses, and often, you’ll see entrepreneurs handling absolutely everything–their PR, communications, and marketing–solo.

Every business owner knows that cutting costs where you can is a brutal necessity, and while they may want to hire someone to handle it for them, they may not have the funds to do so (or they haven’t made just enough disastrous marketing decisions themselves to find the funds to do so).

Getting started isn’t too difficult, though–this, I promise. I don’t want to discourage you from seeking to hire someone when the time is right; having someone experienced to take this off of your hands is worth the money, entirely (think of how, in the developer community, folks talk about how the costs of development and design are an investment–this is the same thing). That said, if you aren’t ready to hand over the face of your company to a new person, either financially or emotionally (the stress of giving up control!), I’m here to give you a few tips to get started–with what not to do.

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Easily Turn a WordPress Site Into a Desktop App


Everyone is eager to turn their WordPress site into a mobile app, and we offer two services, Reactor and AppPresser, to help you to do that. However, as an alternative (or in tandem!), a desktop app may provide a good user experience, so I’m here to walk you through turning your WordPress site into a desktop app.

We will be using Electron, an open source framework for turning web technologies into desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. You may have heard of many desktop apps powered by Electron, including Atom Editor, Slack, Microsoft’s Visual Studio and the recently debuted app.

Electron is built and run with Node so you want to make sure you have Node installed. Electron is installed as a Node module. Once you have Node installed, fire up the command line!

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Join Us In Welcoming Our New Dev, Benjamin Mueller!

WebDevStudios, front-end developers, hire a developer, Benjamin Mueller, hiring a developer, finding a WordPress developer, hire a WordPress developer

We’re welcoming another member to the WDS team! Meet our newest dev, Benjamin Mueller!

Here’s a little bit about Benjamin:

Benjamin began using WordPress with version 2.7 and has been in love ever since. This romance has grown and taken him to multiple WordPress events all along the West Coast. Benjamin is enthralled with connecting and learning from his fellow WordPress pioneers. Attending WordCamps allows him to explore his passion for WordPress and become better connected with the community. Throughout Benjamin’s career, he has worked with numerous development firms and organizations. He believes everything in the world can be described in code and is a strong advocate for open source software.

When he’s not coding in a coffee shop, he’s out in his garage building and creating things out of any material within hand’s reach. These activities have taught him the joy of solving complex problems with simple solutions. As much as he loves putting things together, he also loves taking things apart, with explosives. Working Pyrotechnic shows, is his ideal weekend getaway and he hopes to one day complete his Pyrotechnics license. So next time you see a firework, think of Benjamin, ’cause baby he’s a fiiiiirrework!

Give him a hello @BenRMueller and check out more of his social links on his team page.

Want to join the WebDevStudios team? We’re still seeking more front-end developers and a WordPress Support Technician! Head over to our jobs page for more information on what it’s like to work with WDS and apply today!