Lisa Sabin-Wilson Guests Hosts DradCast!


Tonight at 8pm (EST), Lisa Sabin-Wilson will be co-hosting DradCast! They will be talking about WordPress, of course – but rumor has it, the topic for the evening involves taking on the hot topic of women in tech – WordPress, specifically.  Lisa will tell you straight from her own experiences her opinion on this topic based on her 10 years of being involved in the WordPress community – and they are her experiences, mind you … your mileage may vary!

Tune in!  We have a feeling this is going to be a great show!

If you’re not familiar with DradCast, here is what it’s all about:

The DradCast is a weekly podcast covering all things WordPress. Hosted by Dre Armeda, Brad Williams (DRAD), and a special guest host each week.



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