WordSesh 2 — When And Where Can You Find WDS

WordSesh 2 is coming up this weekend! This 24 hour event is being held on Saturday, December 7th from 00:00 – 24:00 UTC. If, during the event you need help keeping track of time, you can visit so you don’t miss any of the important presentations! If you are not familiar with WordSesh, it is a 24 hour event. 1 presentation, every hour, on the hour. The list of speakers for this event is outstanding and WDS is proud to be a part of WordSesh again this year! We have 4 team members of WDS speaking for WordSesh this year, and that includes — Brad Williams, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Scott Kingsley Clark, and Brad Parbs.

Just like last year, kicking off WordSesh 2 will be Brad Williams, Dre Aremeda, and Scott Basgaard with The DradCast. The DradCast is a live podcast of all things WordPress, and it’s only appropriate to have guest host, Scott, who is the main organizer of this event to help kick it off. You can catch Brad, Dre, and Scott at 0:00 UTC in Room A.

Next on the list of WDS speakers is Scott Kingsley Clark, who will be speaking with David Cramer, Josh Pollock, and Phil Lewis. The topic of their discussion is — Not Just A Plugin: Pods – A Comprehensive Development Framework.

Details on their discussion:

You can find them in Room A at 1:00 UTC.

Scott will be leading a deep look into what Pods can do at a code-level. Covered areas will include building custom management areas in the Dashboard or Theme, the upcoming Gravity Forms Add-on capabilities, and a preview of Pods 3.0. Scott will be joined by Phil Lewis, David Cramer, and Josh Pollock. Phil will show off some of the classes included in Pods and their usefulness, especially for theming and frontend development. David will unveil the brand new Pods Frontier plugin — the first feature plugin for Pods that brings Twig support, Form building, Advanced Templating with a new looping syntax similar to magic tags, and a great code editor with magic tag autocompletion including traversal support across as many relationships and levels as you can dream up! Josh, Community Manager for the Pods project, will also be following Twitter and our IRC chat to catch questions and help get clarification on topics covered for those watching the live stream.

Brad Parbs is next on the roster. He will be speaking at 9:00 UTC in Room B. The topic for his discussion is — Building WordPress Themes Quickly With Reusable SASS.

A description of his presentation:

Brad will share tips, techniques, best practices, and more relating to SASS and how it can be a great help in your theme toolkit. Brad will share the things he’s learned over the past few years building WordPress themes, and how SASS can help you do everything a lot faster.

Brad Williams appears again on the WordSesh speakers list at 18:00 UTC in Room A. For this session, he will be joined by Brad Touesnard, Dre Armeda, Jason Tucker, Jeff Chandler, Matt Medeiros, and Pippin Williamson. These gentlemen will be participating in the WordPress Podcasting Roundtable. This is where they will put their brains out on the table for all of you and discuss the latest topics and news in WordPress, and of course, about podcasting!

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the last member of WDS to speak at WordSesh and she can be found in Room A at 21:00 UTC. Her discussion is — i18n: Preparing Your WordPress Theme For The World. This session covers the internationalization of WordPress Themes and making sure you do what is necessary to prepare themes for localization and translation.

Needless to say, we are enthusiastic about WordPress and spreading the knowledge that we have. We are grateful to be sharing a place in this event with the other great speakers that are also a part of WordSesh 2. So load up on your coffee, grab your cool note taking app, and absorb the awesomeness that is going to be entering your brain!


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