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Top 10 Reasons We Loved WDS Camp

Unlike “Fight Club,” we at WebDevStudios (WDS) do talk about WDS Camp, our company retreat. While the event is meant for our team only and not something we would invite the public to attend, it is a gathering that fills us with pride, satisfaction, and camaraderie. Of course, we want to talk about it!

We think every organization should hold a camp of their own—one that supports a friendly, nurturing company culture and creates bonds that last. So, take a cue from team WDS. Discover what goes down at a WDS Camp and learn why it’s one of the most important times of the year for us. Without further ado, here are the top 10 reasons, in no particular order, why we loved this year’s WDS Camp company retreat experience.

Ark on Lake Lanier

Check this place out. It’s magnificent! How could we not enjoy our stay here? The Ark on Lake Lanier is a fun-filled escape that includes over 12,000 square feet of space, including 14 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a pool and jacuzzi, campfire, trampoline, an indoor theater room, and more. It was the perfect destination for a company retreat.

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Who doesn’t love swag? And, this is just a theory, but it seems people in the WordPress space especially love it. Each year, our Creative Lead, Cameron Campbell, does a remarkable job at designing our company swag. This year was no different.

What happens when you take a bear and place deer antlers on its head? You get Tito the Beer, our new mascot.

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Special Appearance by Brian Baumgartner

Imagine sitting in a room with your coworkers while the CEO and COO deliver a state of the company presentation when this happens…


“The Office” is kind of a big deal at WDS. So, it was a real treat to receive a special message from the actor who played Kevin.

Ignite-Style Talks

Naturally, we have our fair share of introverts who hate standing in front of a roomful of people and speaking. But, really, our lightning-quick, five-minute presentations give an intimate insight into one another that each of us truly appreciate. From learning how to brew at home to being entertained with a list of pet peeves, our annual Ignite-inspired talks make us more familiar with each other.

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WDS Olympics

This part of WDS Camp is just plain fun! Our group can be pretty competitive. And there are some true athletes nestled within our squad.

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WDS Survivor Relay Races

But, wait, did we mention that our team is competitive? So, yeah, as if Olympic-style games weren’t enough, our leaders decided to set up “Survivor” relay races.

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So, in case you haven’t heard, the team at WDS is pretty competitive (sensing a pattern here?). For those who didn’t score a medal at the Olympics or race on the winning Survivor team, there was always Cornhole to prove one’s fortitude.

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Scavenger Hunt

With the ease of a camera phone, all one needed to do was capture pics on the scavenger hunt list, which ranged from a photo of a dead mouse to Jim Byrom, Director of Client Services, catching a fish. Project Manager, Ashley Harrison, accomplished all that and more. With her phone always in her hands and a slew of Adobe Premier skills under her belt, she did what she had to in order to surpass her scavenger hunt competitors, including doctoring a GIF of Meagan Hanes, Technical Project Manager, riding a jet ski.

Why the dragons? Who knows? Who cares? Ashley deserves extra points for the creativity.

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At WDS, everyone is a winner! From best beard to being a client favorite, multiple awards went out to multiple people.

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Seriously, the whole purpose of WDS Camp is to forge bonds and strengthen working relationships. As a 100% distributed company, moments like these are powerful and meaningful. A team that likes one another, that enjoys working together, is a team that can successfully fulfill our mission and our purpose.

We traveled together. We lived together. And upon returning home and back to our everyday lives, we now miss one another. We can’t wait for next year’s retreat!

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