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Enhance Your Work Space and Boost Your Productivity

Throughout the years, I’ve found that every office space I’ve worked in presented challenges for being productive. Being comfortable in your work environment is a critical ingredient for staying focused and productive. After years of experimenting, I finally have a great formula that transformed my dimly lit home office into an awesome creative space in which I spend many hours. Use my tips to enhance your work space and watch your productivity increase.

Comfort First

It should be no surprise that being comfortable is the first thing on my list. Spending eight to 10 hours per day can feel like an eternity, if you’re uncomfortable. Back pain is a real thing, and it doesn’t get better if you ignore it. While it took me a lot of trial and error to find the right chair and desk combination, I recommend making your comfort the top priority.

  • A comfortable chair meant for longer duration sitting
  • Height adjustable desk

A photograph of a neat work space with an ergonomic chair, adjustable desk with a cute cat sitting atop, used as a complementing image for a blog post about enhancing your work space.

Computer and Accessories

The right computer setup for me took a little while to put together. My goal for my workstation was flexibility. I wanted to be able to work on a desktop while at my house and then be ready to travel in a matter of minutes. I ended up choosing a MacBook Pro 2017 model as my workhorse, since it’s very portable and has a good amount of power to get the job done. Also, my other qualification was that my computer needed to fit in my motorcycle bags so that I didn’t need to carry it in a book bag.

  • Ergonomic computer mouse
  • Ergonomic keyboard
Monitor with Macbook Pro connected on mounting arms.
While working, I often close my laptop and move it aside. Then I bring my monitor forward, which makes it very comfortable and easy to focus on working.

External Monitor and Mount

A GIF animation of the external mounts used on a monitor and MacBook that show how enhancing your work space can be beneficial.I like my work space to be clutter-free. It helps me think, and it feels refreshing to work in a clean environment. Having a larger monitor to connect to was really important for me because it offers much more room for code editing, inspecting code, reading documents, and so much more. However, this now introduced more things on my desktop which added clutter.

To get past this issue, I got a monitor mount with a laptop tray. While it’s wasn’t incredibly expensive, this one tool alone changed how I use my desk. Throughout my working day, I find that I switch between laptops for video calls and my monitor for work. Also, it makes connecting your laptop and then moving it out of the way quick and easy.

Keyboard and Mouse

Fun fact about your mouse and keyboard combination: you don’t have to settle for what came with your computer. While the keyboards aren’t always that bad, I’ve found that the mouse isn’t a one size fits all. During long and tedious design projects that I’ve worked on, there were times where I was in a lot of pain due to the Apple magic mouse. Never hesitate to switch out your keyboard and/or mouse as needed.

Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

Enjoy the Little Things

Zombieland Rule #32 says, “Enjoy the little things.” Having cool desktop ornaments can really make your desk feel enjoyable. I have a Groot desktop planter with cat grass to keep my cat entertained. Also, I painted my office and hung up a lot of things I enjoy to make this my personal creative space.

Wall mounted records and guitars

Do you have advice to share on how to enhance your work space? Share your tips in the comments below.


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