Does your team have a formal project management process?

Many people wonder why they need a project manager for their projects and team. They may even think it’s a waste of time and resources. However, the benefits of project management far outweigh the costs. In fact, project management results in higher client satisfaction, reputation improvement, and less risk for your projects and company. Before we can address the full benefits of having a formal project management process, however, we need to note who the beneficiaries are.

Who Benefits from Project Management?

Project management not only sets your team up for success, but also guarantees quality projects and services for your customers. Between new projects, a growing team, and more and more clients, it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay organized and communicate with your team.

When you have a project manager to organize and oversee projects, you have someone tracking the scope, budget, and timing of everything in your workload. Projects that come in on time, on budget, and cover scope, make for happy clients; and for WebDevStudios where client success is our mission, client happiness is our goal every time.

We’re all about client satisfaction, but we also enjoy employee satisfaction. Project management provides the support and communication to keep our team in the loop and up to date on all projects. Not only can project managers provide strong communication for projects, but they also manage and balance workloads between team members. This prevents unnecessary stress and allows proper work-life balance for all employees, resulting in a happy and healthy team!

What Are the Benefits of Project Management?

Now that we’ve covered the who, let’s get into the what. What are the benefits to project management?

Project managers are key to maintaining project organization, quality communication between stakeholder and team members, and overseeing all the steps and milestones of a project from the initial contact to completion. They facilitate the full project process, ensuring the scope is met, the project remains within budget, and quality communication is had between stakeholders and team members.

A project manager at WebDevStudios will:

  • Schedule and plan for necessary meetings with stakeholders and ensure transparent communication with clients throughout the project life cycle
  • Define the project scope, based on the project proposal and prior communication
  • Coordinate and manage tasks and milestones of a project
  • Handle and ensure quality communication between team members
  • Manage the project timeline and budget from initiation to completion
  • Plan resources based on client’s budgetary expectations
  • Use proper project management tools and software to organize the project’s team and scope
  • Ensure top-notch work by overseeing and scheduling the quality assurance process

And more…

Why Should I Have a Project Manager on My Project?

If you’re not convinced yet, let’s talk about the why. Why should I have a project manager overseeing my project? Project management has proven to be a key part to finding success when working on projects.

In fact, the Pulse of the Profession study found that businesses with clear project management processes are 38% more successful at meeting project goals when compared to those without. And, when a typical one in six IT projects have a cost overrun of 200%, it’s important to have someone watching the scope and budget.

Even outside of the IT world, the same study found that with businesses documenting high project failure rate, 41% were attributed to a lack of involvement from project management.

At WebDevStudios, you can always count on having a skilled project manager overseeing your website build. Does your team use project management? How do they contribute to the project process? Please comment below on how project managers have benefited your project workflow!


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