Staying ahead of the curve is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. At WebDevStudios, we understand that the heartbeat of any thriving WordPress agency is not just its groundbreaking client projects or cutting-edge solutions; it’s the people, the collective spirit, and the shared vision that make us who we are. That’s why each and every month, we are thrilled to share our latest company news.

Sharing news about our WordPress agency may seem like a mundane task, but it is critical to our business. It allows us to stay connected with our clients, partners, and community, and help them understand what we do. It is more than just mere updates; we open the door and offer everyone a glimpse into our world, showcasing our latest WordPress adventures, innovative solutions, and the impressive accomplishments of our talented team.

By opening this door wider, we invite you to witness our growth, learn about our milestones, and celebrate our successes. But beyond that, sharing our news fosters transparency, builds trust, and reinforces the strong foundation upon which WebDevStudios stands. Every announcement, every accomplishment, and all the latest happenings are a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to exceeding your expectations.

So, get ready to dive into a whirlwind of creativity, technology, and passion. Here is the latest company news from WebDevStudios.

State of Enterprise WordPress 2023

This is the WordPress logo.WordPress agencies, including industry leaders like WebDevStudios, are actively collecting data and insights for an upcoming comprehensive report named State of Enterprise WordPress 2023, slated for release later this year. This extensive report aims to delve into various crucial aspects, encompassing budgets, publishing procedures, customized functionalities, and more within the enterprise WordPress ecosystem.

The report will not only shed light on why enterprises opt for WordPress but also explore how they have expanded its capabilities and pinpoint the improvements they aspire to witness. State of Enterprise WordPress 2023 is poised to offer a profound understanding of the intricate needs and prerequisites of enterprise-level organizations. Its impact goes beyond mere analysis; it holds the potential to influence the trajectory of WordPress by shaping the development of future features and updates.

This is your chance to contribute to the evolution of WordPress. By participating in the survey today, you actively assist in shaping the platform’s future. Your insights matter and can play a pivotal role in molding the forthcoming advancements of WordPress. Join us in this journey by taking the survey now at Let your voice be heard, and let’s collectively shape the future landscape of WordPress together.


Wow! WordCamps really are back in full force, aren’t they?

WordCamps, as vibrant WordPress conferences, offer invaluable opportunities for enthusiasts, developers, and businesses to network, share knowledge, and collaborate on innovative ideas, fostering a dynamic sense of community within the global WordPress ecosystem.

These events provide a unique platform for attendees to gain insights from experts, participate in Contributor Day, and stay updated with the latest trends, ultimately empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. In October, our team members participated in two different WordCamps in two different areas of the world,

WordCamp Mumbai

WordCamp Mumbai was a two-day conference of WordPress sessions, which took place October 28-29. Frontend Engineer Aslam Doctor attended, and Backend Engineer Lax Mariappan presented his talk titled “How to Migrate a WP Application Without Losing Your Mind.” The two engineers also met for the first time in person. Lax has made the slides from his talk available to the public.

This is a selfie style photo of Frontend Engineer Aslam Doctor (on the left) and Backend Engineer Lax Mariappan at WordCamp Mumbai 2023.
Frontend Engineer Aslam Doctor (left) and Backend Engineer Lax Mariappan at WordCamp Mumbai 2023.

WordCamp Managua

On the same weekend as WordCamp Mumbai, WordCamp Managua took place. Project Manager Leo Torres volunteered, and he has reported that the event went great.

From the awesome organizers who plan everything to the volunteers hustling during the event and the speakers who take time out to share their wisdom, WordCamps are a team effort. Making a WordCamp come to life is a big deal, and it takes a bunch of awesome people to do it, including generous people like Leo.

This is a selfie style photo of Project Manager Leo Torres at WordCamp Managua 2023.
Project Manager Leo Torres at WordCamp Managua 2023.

WP Search with Algolia Pro 1.3.0

If you still haven’t gone pro, you will want to because of the latest release of WP Search with Algolia Pro 1.3.0.

Support for SEOPress

Previous versions of WP Search with Algolia Pro included “noindex” matching for Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, and Rank Math SEO, but with Version 1.3.0, if you use SEOPress, WP Search with Algolia Pro will not index content marked as “noindex” for search engines.

Single Searchable Index for WordPress Multisite

The latest version of WP Search with Algolia Pro—Version 1.3.0—introduces an exciting new feature that has the potential to revolutionize search functionality for WordPress Multisites. With this update, users can now set up a single searchable index that consolidates content from across the entire multisite network.

This means that you can perform a global search of all the content available on your network, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. This feature is especially useful for those who manage multiple sites within the same network. Visit our plugin shop Pluginize to download WP Search with Algolia Pro.

This is the banner for WP Search with Algolia Pro 1.3.0.


Earlier this month, October 10-12, the live, virtual conference known as WooSesh happened. WooSesh is designed for WooCommerce store builders. It takes place annually, and each WooSesh is highly curated to provide attendees with the absolute best possible experience

WebDevStudios CEO Brad Williams participated in a panel discussion called “How to Rescue Disgruntled Clients.” Every presentation, including Brad’s, was recorded and published at WPSessions.

This is a screenshot from WooSesh of Phil Wylie, Brian Richards, and WebDevStudios CEO Brad Williams.
From left to right: Phil Wylie, Brian Richards, and WebDevStudios CEO Brad Williams.


This is a selfie style portrait of WebDevStudios Engineering Manager JC Palmes.
JC Palmes, Engineering Manager

wd_s Hybrid Theme Release

wd_s is a well-known, highly used WordPress starter theme built by WebDevStudios. In late September, Engineering Manager JC Palmes announced the release of Version 4.0.0—a powerful hybrid theme, equipped with the Site Editor and pre-styled core blocks via theme.json, enhancing your creative possibilities. Go to GitHub to read JC’s announcement and download wd_s.


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