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Powering Up WordPress Through Five for the Future

Nothing powers up WordPress like the community that supports it. That’s why every month, the team at WebDevStudios participates in Five for the Future, an initiative that encourages all WordPress companies to donate 5% of their company time to the WordPress Core and community. Every last Friday of every month is a jubilant celebration of our commitment and contributions to this extraordinary program, shedding light on the impact of our dedicated efforts to give back to the open-source platform that gives so much to everyone who uses it.

Importance of Contributing to Five for the Future

The ethos of Five for the Future (5FTF) encapsulates the very essence of collaboration and growth within the WordPress ecosystem. That resonates deeply with our WordPress agency. The commitment to consistently participate in 5FTF isn’t merely a gesture; it’s a testament to our collective responsibility in nurturing the platform that fuels countless websites across the globe.

Five for the Future isn’t just a philanthropic endeavor; it’s an investment in the sustained evolution and enhancement of WordPress. That’s important to us. By devoting time, skills, and resources to this initiative, WebDevStudios isn’t merely giving back; we’re actively contributing to the vitality and longevity of the platform. Every line of code, every mentorship hour, and every collaborative effort amplifies WordPress’s robustness, ensuring its continual adaptability to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The significance of 5FTF extends far beyond individual contributions. It fosters a culture of generosity, knowledge sharing, and collective advancement within the WordPress community. It’s a beacon, inviting companies, developers, designers, and enthusiasts to converge and channel their energies toward a shared vision of an even more powerful, inclusive, and innovative WordPress.

Through 5FTF, WebDevStudios aligns itself with this spirit, amplifying our commitment to not just using WordPress but actively nurturing its growth for the benefit of all who rely on its capabilities. This upcoming Black Friday is also 5FTF Friday at WebDevStudios. Here are some examples from Twitter of how our team contributed last month. Make sure that you’re following us on X (formerly Twitter), as well as the hashtag #5FTF.

WordPress 6.4 Contributors

One of the coolest ways to successfully contribute to 5FTF is by contributing to the WordPress Core. WordPress 6.4 was released earlier this month. Engineering Manager JC Palmes, Principal Engineer Sal Ferrarello, and Frontend Engineer Aslam Doctor were listed as Contributors, which is a great honor and acknowledgment of their work. Congratulations to JC, Sal, Aslam, and all the WordPress community members who contributed to WordPress 6.4.


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