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Our 2024 Journey with Five for the Future Begins Now!

As we begin a new year, WebDevStudios’ participation in Five for the Future continues to be a strategic commitment that stands as a crucial pillar in sustaining the thriving WordPress ecosystem and open-source technology. For our WordPress agency, this commitment is more than just giving back; it’s an investment in the very foundation that empowers countless websites and businesses globally. Our 2024 journey with Five for the Future begins tomorrow, January 26th. For the entire day, our team will take a break from client work and focus solely on giving back to WordPress.

WebDevStudios and Five for  the Future

Every last Friday of the month, WebDevStudios sponsors our teams’ participation in Five for the Future (5FTF). This dedication has evolved into a fundamental principle within the WordPress community, fostering a culture of giving back to WordPress and collaborative participation. The goal is to ensure the sustained growth and improvement of this CMS platform by encouraging consistent contributions from the community.

At WebDevStudios, participating in 5FTF isn’t merely a gesture of goodwill. It’s a testament to our responsibility to nurture the platform that powers countless websites globally. Every line of code, every mentorship hour, and every collaborative effort amplifies WordPress’s robustness, ensuring its continual adaptability to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Why You Should Commit to 5FTF

By dedicating time, skills, and resources to 5FTF, individuals, and companies contribute to the ongoing evolution and improvement of WordPress. Whether through coding, support, documentation, or other areas, these collective efforts fortify the platform’s innovation, security, and accessibility. It’s not just about philanthropy. It’s an investment in the sustained evolution and enhancement of WordPress. And it’s not too late to start.

The roots of Five for the Future trace back to the visionary mind of Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, who first articulated the initiative on his blog in 2014. The concept is simple yet powerful: encourage individuals and companies involved in the WordPress ecosystem to allocate 5% of their resources—whether it be time, finances, or workforce—toward contributing back to the open-source project.

In essence, Five for the Future isn’t just a monthly celebration of commitment; it’s an ongoing investment in a shared future where WordPress continues to evolve, innovate, and remain a driving force in the world of web technology. Consider making it a corporate or individual resolution to be a part of that shared journey. Here are some ways to begin:

  • Make a pledge at the Five for the Future webpage at
  • Volunteer your time and support at the WordPress Support Forum.
  • Contribute to the WordPress Core.
  • Volunteer for, speak at, or organize a WordCamp.
  • Build a plugin or help another member of the WordPress community develop theirs.

Really, there are a myriad of options available for you to contribute to Five for the Future. Read this blog post for more inspiration.

How WebDevStudios Gave Back to WordPress in 2023

By the end of last year, WebDevStudios sponsored nearly 1800 hours for Five for the Future. We couldn’t be prouder of our team who chose to participate. Here are some ways they did so.

  • Plugin development and contribution
  • Blogging about WordPress
  • Organizing WordCamps
  • Volunteering at WordCamps
  • Speaking at WordCamps
  • Translations
  • Captioning
  • Documentation

One of the ways that people across the community really enjoy contributing to WordPress is through Core contribution. It isn’t easy to have contributions included in the Core, but in 2023, with the release of WordPress 6.4, three team members from WebDevStudios were credited as contributors: Engineering Manager JC Palmes, Principal Engineer Sal Ferrarello, and Frontend Engineer Aslam Doctor.

No matter your skill set, all contributions to 5FTF are welcomed and appreciated. We hope you find inspiration and motivation in this post. Now’s a great time to get started on your own Five for the Future journey.


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