10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using InVision as a Project Management Tool

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One of the great challenges project managers run into is the best way to accurately scope a project with a client. To 100% nail down each user interaction is a hefty task. One of the biggest game changers when it comes to that process is a tool called InVision.

We started using this tool at WebDevStudios roughly a year ago when InVision was just a wee platform with half the tools it has today. The team over at InVision introduced feature after feature in the following months making this platform a formidable opponent of some classic project management tools.

Today, I’m here to give you ten reasons InVision is a must-use project management tool.

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Snippets Saved My Life: How Sublime Text 3 Snippets Changed Everything


We are always striving to find better, faster ways to do the mundane tasks we have in our lives.

We got bored with having to make our coffee in the morning, so some brilliant mind created an automatic coffee maker with a timer so we could tell that machine when to make our coffee and how much of our coffee it should make.

We grew weary of the painful necessity of talking to actual human beings in order to have food arrive at our front doors, so the greatest pizza scientists in the world made it possible to order a lovely cheese pizza–just for me–by texting a single emoji. ?

We became so incensed at our watermelons constantly rolling away from us that the top watermelon doctors on the planet engineered square watermelons.

…Yes, the first milestones in human advancement that I can think of are all related to food and I will make no apologies for that.

When I’m not eating food or thinking about eating food, though, I’m probably working on a fabulous WordPress website using my editor of choice, Sublime Text 3 (ST).

ST is simple, yet robust, and offers countless packages to help speed along your development process. In addition to offering fully-developed packages for mass consumption, ST also offers the opportunity to craft custom snippets to take the legwork out of the things you type over and over again from day to day. In this post, we’ll show off a handful of examples we’ve picked up along the way as well as some that we’ve crafted for our specific uses at WDS.

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Emotional Intelligence in Project Leaders: EQ Over IQ

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Think of someone during your occupational experience who made an impact, be it negative or positive, on your career path. Have someone in mind? Ok. Now think about how and why they came to mind. Were you impressed by their academic abilities and accomplishments, or intrigued by the manner in which they expressed themselves? Perhaps you were influenced by the way they addressed you or others, or quite possibly a combination of the above or for other reasons. What ever the result may be, what if I told you that both the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) came into play?


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Public School Reform in the Digital Age

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Organizations have been forming since the 2000s to combat a learning gap–a flaw in our public education system. Cohorts like CSTA—Computer Science Teachers Association—whose mission statement is, “To establish K–12 computer science as an essential academic discipline and participating in a cohort online community to share experiences, strategies, and successes.” Recently, Code.org partnered with many organizations and public schools, most notably the Chicago Public School District, to reinforce the need for computer science opportunities earlier in life, “so [students] can compete for the jobs of the future”.

I’m not prepared to open up the can of worms that is national public school reform, but recent years have gone in a more financial direction. It has focused on ways to make education cheaper, often sacrificing quality or purpose.

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WP Engine Webinar: Pitch Perfect: Agency Secrets to Winning More Business

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It’s time for another rad webinar featuring our CEO, Brad Williams, but this time, WP Engine is the host!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 10th, at 12 PM ET, Brad and Ryan Ashby, Director of Partnerships at WP Engine, will be chatting about how digital agencies can get more business. They’ll cover how to create a unique, effective pitch, how to be successful in your market, and how to make potential and current clients know that you’re trustworthy and reliable. They’ll also share how to make yourself stand out in a sea of other agencies, and make sure you stand out in the crowd. 

WebDevStudios, WP Engine, WPEngine, WordPress advice, WordPress events, WordPress

This business cat has OBVIOUSLY taken Brad’s advice.

If you run your own agency (or heck, even your own one-person operation), you’ll definitely want to catch this. Brad and Brian built WebDevStudios from the ground up, and learned a lot of lessons the hard way; get some insights from Brad and make it easy on yourself!

Wanna go? All you have to do is register right here!

The WebDevStudios Team: Up One Joshua Kidd and Even More Awesome

WebDevStudios, WDS, WordPress web development, WordPress web design, WordPress websites, build a WordPress website

We’ve got another awesome back-end developer joining the WebDevStudios team this week! Please join us in welcoming Joshua Kidd to the WDS family.

A little bit about Joshua:

Josh was born in Colorado and raised in the great plains of Kansas, where he still resides today. He’s been writing code since the ripe age of thirteen and has enjoyed every bit of it since then. He started learning WordPress in the early days of middle school, and from there, he went on to build websites for online gaming communities and businesses.

After some years of learning different languages, WordPress and many other computer related things, he traveled to California and shortly thereafter started working for his cousin’s web agency in Colorado; he gained the bulk of his WordPress knowledge working there. WordCamps, conferences, meetups, community and open source are things he enjoys about this industry. Ever since his first WordCamp, he’s been ready for every other one that comes within reach. Along with WordPress, he enjoys working with Laravel and Elixir as well as a number of other languages and frameworks.

In his free time, Josh learns about new programming languages and helps out with online communities in the eSports world. He also loves going camping, riding dirt bikes, playing hockey and a multitude of other things.

You can follow Joshua on Twitter, and find him elsewhere from his team page.

Also, are you a developer who wants to see your face here? HELLO! We’re still hiring and we’d love to chat with you!

Why You Should Learn Another Programming Language

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If you’re a developer in the world of WordPress, you typically know one programming language: PHP. You may have some familiarity with Javascript, but PHP is likely where you feel most comfortable. That doesn’t mean comfortable is where you should stay, though. Let’s talk about why you might want to start learning another programming language, even if you’re not going to use it on a day-to-day basis for your job.

Let’s start at the beginning: How did you learn PHP? One of the greatest aspects of the modern web development world, especially for WordPress, is that there are so many different ways that you can gain entry. You may have taken a programming course in high school or college. You may have attended a local Meetup or WordCamp where you could learn from others who have knowledge that you didn’t have. Or you may have taken online courses to learn or sharpen your skills. Regardless of your background, you probably know PHP well (or well enough), but you also know that there are plenty of areas of the language that you don’t know well.

Why would you want to learn another language, when you may already feel like you could still stand to learn more about PHP? Well, there are plenty of great reasons, but I’m going to cover just a few:

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Design vs. Art: What’s the Difference and Does It Matter?


Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.
—John Maeda

Have you ever called your designer “a creative,” or asked them to just “use their imagination” when discussing new designs? Maybe you even came to them with a solution to a problem you hadn’t defined yet and asked them to make it look pretty. If any of those are true, it’s time to discuss the key differences between art and design, and why it matters to you and your company. Although art and design can look like the same thing, when you’re looking for someone to build your site with effective design, do the differences between design vs. art matter?

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