Lisa Sabin-Wilson Joins WebDevStudios – WordPress Domination Plan Complete

We’re excited to announce that THE Lisa Sabin-Wilson is joining WebDevStudios as a Partner in the company!  WDS and E.Webscapes are joining together to form WD3, LLC, a new parent company ran by the three founders: Brad, Lisa, and Brian.

Lisa is a famed WordPress Author and the Founder of E.Webscapes Design Studio.  If you know WordPress, chances are you also know Lisa.  She’s been using WordPress since 2003 when WordPress was first released. She founded E. Webscapes that same year and in 2006 started writing about WordPress. Lisa has launched over 1,000 WordPress powered websites since launching her company in 2003.

Lisa brings an amazing depth of experience around WordPress, business ownership, and awesomeness to WDS.   She is also a (very) dedicated Cheesehead, Owner of a Yoga Studio, and does an amazing Cat in the Hat!

We’ve been working on building a dream team of designers and developers that love WordPress.  Lisa is the final piece to the puzzle and will really help strengthen the company as a whole. The WDS team is now, in our opinion, one of the premiere WordPress design and development shops in the world.

What does this mean for WDS clients? The only change you’ll notice is Lisa will start being involved in our existing projects! This means more talent at your disposal! What does this mean for E.Webscapes clients? You now have the entire WDS team available to work on your projects!

It really is a win win all around and we couldn’t be more excited. 2013 is going to be an amazing year for WDS!

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5 Responses to Lisa Sabin-Wilson Joins WebDevStudios – WordPress Domination Plan Complete

  1. Congrats to all! This sounds like a pretty legit deal if you ask me. I’m excited to see what all comes of this. Future success is imminent.

  2. Greg Taylor says:

    Congrats guys! Looking forward to seeing some of your new projects. Happy holidays and best wishes for an amazing 2013!

  3. Carl Hancock says:

    Huge news! Very cool. Congrats to Lisa and everyone involved at WebDevStudios. Dream team indeed.

  4. Ozh says:

    That’s really impressive, bunch of congrats!

  5. One of the smartest business moves y’all could make – Lisa is an amazing person to work with. Congratulations!!!

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