We Have Another New Team Member to Announce!

At WebDevStudios, we’re learning together and growing together. And we’ve added a new face into the mix to grow along with us. His name is Andrew, and you can learn more about him below.

But don’t be jealous of Andrew, because YOU can join our team, too. We’re currently seeking a rock star HR Assistant, an awesome backend developer, and a talented support technician. If any of these job roles sound like you, apply here today.Continue Reading

Two Added to Our WordPress Crew

Word in the WordPress community spreads fast. And when news that WebDevStudios (WDS) was hiring hit the streets, and by “streets” I mean Twitter; well, it didn’t take too long for us to find the perfect candidates to fill our open positions.

In fact, our latest hires are familiar faces, already acquainted with our executives and many of our current team members. Get to know the new guys featured below. They’re both talented and sometimes even funny, but ultimately, they rock!Continue Reading

We Have a New Team Member!

What better way to begin a new year than with a new team member? Help us welcome our new Back-End Senior Developer, Casey Driscoll. Read his bio below to learn more about him, and follow him on Twitter at @caseydriscoll. He even has a blog at CaseyPatrickDriscoll.com.

Would you be interested in joining the team at WDS? We’re a fun group of folks who eat, breathe, and sleep WordPress. We have a few coffee addicts on our team, some cat lovers, and many football fans (apparently, it helps if you love the Packers). Check out our job openings, and if you see something that you like, please apply.Continue Reading

Holiday Charity Challenge

WebDevStudios (WDS) believes in giving back. Between sharing knowledge and donating time at WordCamps, to Five for the Future, to raising money for charity during the holidays, WDS is up to doing good. This holiday season, we decided to make our charity fundraising efforts a friendly competition between our team members.

We divided into three teams, each named after one of Santa’s reindeer. Selecting a tech-based beneficiary, our challenge is to raise the most money for our chosen charity. While there is no prize involved for the winning team, there are bragging rights to be had and satisfaction in knowing we accomplished something altruistic. Even the teams who fall short in the competition have something to be proud about, because win or lose, all money collected will go to each team’s nonprofit.

Below, listed in alphabetical order are the charity fundraising teams and their selected organizations. All are varied. So, if you spot a cause you support, we implore you to get involved with our efforts and make a donation! You can even give anonymously, but know that anything given is deeply appreciated by everyone at WDS.

So explore the list, find a charity you like, and click to donate. It’s a win-win situation for WDS, the selected charities, and you. Happy holidays!Continue Reading

WDS Camp 2016

Last month, WebDevStudios hosted our annual WDS Camp. This gathering is one of the few chances the whole company can get together in person. While there are many advantages to being a distributed company, it is nice to see people face-to-face. Talking on Slack all day is great, don’t get me wrong, but being able to see everyone away from their computer gives you a whole new perspective on the crew.

Lake Harmony - WDSCampEvery year, a new location is chosen for camp. This year it was none other than Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. Lake Harmony was the most beautiful backdrop. Being in the Pocono Mountains during fall creates ambiance and reminds you of how precious it is to have time together. There were a million laughs exchanged, a million ideas vocalized, and a renewed sense of optimism for the future of the company. On the flip side, there were secret passages, possible hauntings, and environments that could be out of an indie horror film. That’s the joy of the Poconos. It’s frozen in time in the most perfect way.

As planes flew overhead and cars were fueled to the max, the employees of WebDevStudios gathered together to laugh, plan, and strategize for the exciting things that are coming in the next year. The question you may be wondering is, what happens when almost 40 remote workers gather together in the mountains for one week? Well, I can tell you that it is not only entertaining, but it’s also life-affirming.Continue Reading

The WebDevStudios Team: Up One Joshua Kidd and Even More Awesome

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We’ve got another awesome back-end developer joining the WebDevStudios team this week! Please join us in welcoming Joshua Kidd to the WDS family.

A little bit about Joshua:

Josh was born in Colorado and raised in the great plains of Kansas, where he still resides today. He’s been writing code since the ripe age of thirteen and has enjoyed every bit of it since then. He started learning WordPress in the early days of middle school, and from there, he went on to build websites for online gaming communities and businesses.

After some years of learning different languages, WordPress and many other computer related things, he traveled to California and shortly thereafter started working for his cousin’s web agency in Colorado; he gained the bulk of his WordPress knowledge working there. WordCamps, conferences, meetups, community and open source are things he enjoys about this industry. Ever since his first WordCamp, he’s been ready for every other one that comes within reach. Along with WordPress, he enjoys working with Laravel and Elixir as well as a number of other languages and frameworks.

In his free time, Josh learns about new programming languages and helps out with online communities in the eSports world. He also loves going camping, riding dirt bikes, playing hockey and a multitude of other things.

You can follow Joshua on Twitter, and find him elsewhere from his team page.

Also, are you a developer who wants to see your face here? HELLO! We’re still hiring and we’d love to chat with you!