WooCommerce Product Support Extension from WebDevStudios

Tired of the hassle involved with managing product support? Looking for a simple solution? Then look no further!

The WooCommerce Product Support extension was developed to work together with BuddyPress or bbPress. This extension helps you automatically create forums for new products, link products to existing forums, and automatically grant users access. When using BuddyPress, users only gain access to the Groups that correspond to the purchased products.


Key Features

  • Automatically create new groups/forums
  • Associate products with any existing groups/forums
  • Automatically add users to correct groups on completed purchase (BuddyPress only)
  • Automatically create first post in each new forum
  • Doesn’t interfere with existing bbPress and BuddyPress functionality (you can still manually create Groups/forums and add users like you always have)

The WooCommerce Product support extension allows you to improve your current product support workflow and easily provide support for users who buy your products. The settings for plugins, also have the option to write some stock forum instructions that can be published, locked and stuck to the top of a forum, when a new form is created.

If you’re looking for product support that’s easy to manage, we highly recommend that you install BuddyPress (a free plugin) and enable User Groups and Discussion Forums. It will give you the best control over who has access to what. With the addition of the EDD Product Support, you can completely automate group creation and user addition!


At WebDevStudios, we are experts in the area of WordPress, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress – if you are interested in having WebDevStudios create a WordPress website for you (with bbPress and BuddyPress, too, if you want!) – Contact us today to discuss your project!


3 thoughts on “WooCommerce Product Support Extension from WebDevStudios

  1. Since v1.7 of Buddypress I notice that BP Groups are not available in this plugin…. You use to be able to choose a BP group or a BbPress forum, you could add a user to automatically upon purchasing a product with this option available – but no bp groups show up in select list – was working fine b4

  2. I bought this plugin in july, but I discovered then that this plug-in isn’t working anymore because of changes in BuddyPress and BBPress. I was told that an upgrade will come shortly. Any news about it? when will it be available? Thanks!

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