WordPress Sessions WDS Giveaway – This is a big one!

We haven’t done a giveaway in a while, and we’re excited about this one!

What are we giving away?

We are giving away 5 free tickets to the Building WordPress Plugins event! This event is taking place on Saturday, June 22nd at 1pm EST. It will be a live broadcast!

The hosts of this event are – Pippin Williamson, Daniel Espinoza, and Topher DeRosia – who are all, without a doubt, plugin experts!


The things you can learn during this event:

When you join us for the inaugural WPSession, you’ll get a first-hand look at how to build your very own WordPress plugins. Your plugin might serve to scratch a personal itch, serve a client need, or even solve a greater community problem. It has never been easier to break into WordPress development, and our experts are excited to help you take that next step.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development by Brad WilliamsThis event is going to be one for the books, and we are excited to help you attend! But, we aren’t done yet. Included in winning a free ticket to the Building WordPress Plugins event, you will also receive a copy of Brad Williams’ book ” Professional WordPress Plugin Development“. You can get this book in either a physical copy, or a digital copy.

How do you get this prize?

We would like to hear about why you want to learn more about plugin development. Things like – Are you interested in building plugins? Are you interested in how they work? etc. etc.

Rules for entry:

  • The giveaway will start at 11am EST on Monday June 17th and end at 11am EST on Friday June 21st. That’s right.. you have an entire week!
  • Comment on this post on our blog.
  • We will pick the most creative/inspiring answer
  • The winners will be announced at 3pm EST on Friday June 21st.
  • WDS employees and family members are encouraged to answer, but will not receive the prize.

As always, we are very excited to help you grow your WordPress knowledge, so please join us!


16 thoughts on “WordPress Sessions WDS Giveaway – This is a big one!

  1. I have recently become quite interested in learning to develop plugins – I am in the middle of a course by Tom McFarlin and started reading the plugins chapter in Professional WordPress. Following some of what I read, I made a VERY basic plugin. However, I need to understand the process much more deeply.

    It seems to me that plugins are central to WordPress development, as they can completely change and shape the nature of a website (e.g., event registration via Event Espresso; restricted content via Paid Memberships Pro.) In addition, through the process of learning how to develop plugins, you inevitably learn a great deal about template tags, filters and actions, the use of meta data and other significant WordPress processes and functionality.

    Plugins can help you meet client needs and provide that specific dose of ‘wonderful!’ that differentiates your websites from those of your competition. I would love to have that advantage. Besides, I love to teach WordPress, and learning plugin development would help me share some very powerful knowledge with the WordPress community.

    In short, plugin development is a key path for my own growth toward becoming a WordPress developer. I promise that I will use this power for good, never for evil.

  2. Excited to hear about the sessions!

    I see that it starts at 1pm, but I didn’t see how long the session is? I checked the event page, but didn’t see it there either. How long is the session? Did I miss the information?

    1. Hey Deborah, each presentation is an hour long, so the full session will run from 1-4pm. And if you can’t stick around for the entire time you can always come back later to watch the recording of parts you missed. 🙂

  3. My cat is stuck inside WordPress … don’t ask.

    I need to learn how to write a plugin that will get her out. I love my cat. Her name is The Duchess … please help.

  4. I’m not poor but i’ll take advantage of freebies,
    I’m semi-skilled but i’ll be smart in learning WordPress plugin from the best.

  5. Plugins add so much functionality to a WordPress website. I would love to have a better understanding of how to create plugins for custom functions needed on different projects. I like to push the limits, so knowing how to create a plugin will help.

  6. I love how WordPress plugins works, just install a plugin and bingo extra functionalities is added to your WordPress site. Getting to know the inner workings of how a plugins works is what have been battling to learn all this while. Am always stuck at action and filters.
    I have a lot of ideas and functionalities that I would love to develop and release for usage of others in the community.
    Have been following Pippins blog a lot and am see him as a role model with what he has been able to achieve with EDD. I came to know about Daniel Espinoza (A Support Ninja at WooThemes) from a blog post on WP Daily when he was interviewed by John Saddington, wooThemes is a company I salute every time if not for everything but for WooCommerce. This is the first time am hearing of Topher DeRosia.
    But getting this three experts together to deliver a session on Building WordPress plugins would be a session I wouldn’t want to miss for anything, as I know that it will serve as a starting point to Building WordPress plugins for me.
    And as a saying goes “Let the People With The Best Comments win”

  7. I’m proud of my new found grasp of PHP and how it relates to WordPress. Brad William’s book Professional WordPress has helped me understand the WordPress loop and the difference between hooks and filters. Unfortunately my function.php files are getting a bit out of control.

    I’ve got great problem solving skills, plenty of creativity and a desire to be dangerous. Would love to learn from seasoned pros.

  8. I’ve been adding a lot of the same features to client sites over and over. I know that writing a plugin for these individual features would the best way to implement them. I have not had enough time on my own to dive into plugin development. It would be great to get a head start and some direction!

  9. I want to learn plugin development so I can build a new gallery plugin that hasn’t been seen yet. I’m not happy with the current state of how images are displayed in WordPress from the media gallery and want to do something about it.

  10. I would like to develop my own plugins because I want to join the living ecosystem that is WordPress. I’m tired of being a spectator… Although I love the excitement of firing up a new plugin and seeing add a snazzy new function to my site, I’m ready to tweak, and create and nurture the WordPress community the way it has nurtured me and my micro business.

    But why should you pick my post, when you have so many brilliant contributions to your contest? What makes my goal stand out from the crowd? Only this. My passion is for making plugins for you, plugin developers and users. All my ideas, struggling to make their way off the drawing board, are about how to help people organize their plugins, choose them wisely, and easily offer useful action-able feedback to developers.

    If you’d like to see more, choose my post, and help me “give back” on this the 10th anniversary year for WordPress. Because 10 years on the bleachers is 9 years too many. 🙂

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