Custom Metaboxes and Fields 1.0.0 Released!

If you’re not already familiar, Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress is a WordPress drop-in plugin that will “create metaboxes with custom fields that will blow your mind.”  The Custom Metaboxes and Fields (CMB) library is a frequently used tool at WebDev, so I approached Jared Atchison about some possible improvements. Jared gave me commit access and I began maintaining the project, introducing new features and merging changes from the community.

On Wednesday, November 27th, we rolled out version 1.0.0 which contains several big-bang features that are sure to make your WordPress development experience that much easier. Several WordPress community members, and a few WDS members (Brian MessenlehnerMichael BeckwithCorey Collins, and myself) had a hand in this release.

Here is a list from the 1.0.0 changelog:

  • Added select_timezone type, a standalone time zone select dropdown. The time zone select can be used with standalone text_datetime_timestamp if desired. Props @dessibelle
  • Added text_url type, a basic url field. Props @dessibelle
  • Added text_email type, a basic email field. Props @dessibelle
  • Added ability to display metabox fields in frontend. Default is true, but can be overriden using the cmb_allow_frontend filter. If set to true, an entire metabox form can be output with a new function:
    cmb_metabox_form( $meta_box, $object_id, $echo );

    Props @dessibelle, @messenlehner & @jtsternberg

  • Added hook cmb_after_table after all metabox output. Props @wpsmith
  • file_list now works like a repeatable field. Add as many files as you want. Props @coreymcollins
  • text, text_small, text_medium, text_url, text_email, & text_money fields now all have the option to be repeatable. Props @jtsternberg
  • Custom metaboxes can now be added for user meta. Add them on the user add/edit screen, or in a custom user profile edit page on the front-end. Props @tw2113, @jtsternberg

We hope you’re as excited for the possibilities with 1.0.0 as we are and we are already working on updates for version 1.0.1! If you would like to see a new feature or improvement feel free to contribute and submit patches on github. Also, the wiki page needs to be updated so if documentation is your thing, please feel free to jump in and update some docs!

Get Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress is a WordPress on Github!


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