Ways to Learn More About WordPress

Anyone and everyone who owns, runs, and/or manages a WordPress website needs to keep their WordPress skills and knowledge up to date. Whether you are a business owner with a WordPress site or a content manager hired to run a WordPress site on behalf of an employer, the more you know about how this open-source platform works, the better your WordPress site will perform—including things like SEO, page speed, and user experience.

One of the great things about WordPress is that you don’t need to be an experienced web developer capable of coding in five different languages to run a successful site. With no previous experience, you can easily manage your own website, so long as you keep your WordPress updated, maintained, and blog regularly (consistently blogging will help drive traffic to your website). Additionally, you also need to keep your knowledge of WordPress updated, too. That’s because, like all technology, WordPress, plugins, online tools, and methods for effective digital marketing are always changing. Luckily, there a plethora ways to do just that.

We all learn differently and have our own methods for absorbing information. From books to blogs, to podcasts to in-person meetups, here are some ways to learn more about WordPress.

Directly from WordPress

Hey, there’s no better place to acquire accurate information than straight from the horse’s mouth! At WordPress.org, you will find a helpful Support Forum where you can access the expertise of a friendly WordPress Community. Take note of the WordPress blog, which is the first to inform WordPress owners and users of important updates. We especially enjoy WordPress.tv—a place to find tutorials, presentations, and talks. Update (December 18, 2020): Check out the new Learn WordPress platform, a free resource of educational workshops and discussions.

WordPress Blogs and Websites

Did you know that there are websites and blogs set up to do nothing but talk about WordPress? Here are the ones we recommend:

  • WebDevStudios – It should come as no surprise that we recommend our own blog. Developers, designers, and project managers love it because our experts share their knowledge on some really complex topics, such as Headless WordPress and the importance of project management. But we also cover some basic subjects such as social media and content. We try to maintain a blog that speaks to both WordPress website creators and business owners.
  • ManageWP – At ManageWP, companies and websites from all over submit articles on WordPress topics. Think of this website as a curator of WordPress information.
  • WPBeginner – The tutorials and step-by-step guides at WPBeginner are so good and easy to follow that you’ll feel super WordPress savvy after reading just one article.
  • The Blogs from the WordPress Products You Use – Whether you’re using WP Engine, Liquid Web, Kinsta, Pagely, or any other web host, their blogs are sure to be chock-full of information. Also, if you’re using products like Yoast SEO, Easy Digital Downloads, or any other WordPress plugin or tool, check out their respective blogs for more quality education.
  • Other WordPress Blogs – There really are a lot out there. Take a look at this article that lists 40+ of the top WordPress blogs to follow.


If you’re a bibliophile who enjoys keeping an educational book around for reference, one, you’re not alone. Two, did you know that our COO and CEO have literally written the books on WordPress? Just peruse our WordPress library for titles designed to make you smarter.


A photo image of a pair of glasses and ear buds resting on a computer keyboard and used as an accompanying image to emphasize the importance of listening to WordPress podcasts in order to learn more about WordPress.Today’s podcasts are not only entertaining, they can act as knowledge boosters. WordPress podcasts are becoming more and more popular every day. If learning by listening is your preferred method for beefing up your brain, read this article on the WordPress podcasts you should be listening to now.



WordPress Leaders

Sometime, you just need a guru to follow and emulate—someone who shares their WordPress tips, tricks, and hacks. While it’s great to learn about WordPress from WordPress directly, learning from people who have been using it to build amazing websites for years and years is equally as relevant. Here are 100+ WordPress leaders you can follow on social media.

In-Person Opportunities

A photo image of a group of people sitting on couches and behind the couch, with a woman in the center speaking while others listen, used as an accompanying blog post image to emphasize the importance of attending WordPress Meetups and WordCamps in order to learn more about WordPress.Some people appreciate learning hands-on and face-to-face. WordCamps and WordPress Meetups allow just that. You can learn from and interact with impressive WordPress developers, designers, and business owners who enjoy sharing their expertise and experience in person.

WordCamps happen annually all over the world, giving you a great excuse to travel. However, you will also find them conveniently taking place in your city and/or state. To find a WordCamp near you or in one of your bucket list destinations, go to Central.WordCamp.org.

Like WordCamps, WordPress Meetups also provide hands-on education and in-person interaction, but unlike WordCamps, these meetings occur monthly. Usually led by your local WordPress expert, WordPress Meetups also provide the opportunity to mix and mingle with other WordPress website owners and administrators—people just like yourself! Go to Meetup.com to find WordPress Meetups in your area.

But If You Still Need Help…

Even after you have attended a couple of Meetups and watched a few WordPress.tv talks, you may still find yourself in need of assistance. That is completely normal. You may not have the time to perform your own updates regularly, or you may need to rely on the prowess of a designer to execute a much-need redesign. Learning more about WordPress will help to keep you self-sufficient and wise, but when it comes time to tackle complicated WordPress customizations and functions, contact us. Together, we can build something great!


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