We Contributed 1,500 Hours to the WordPress Community in 2016

At WebDevStudios (WDS), we love WordPress. We are also very passionate about open-source software in general. For over two years now, WDS has been participating in the Five for the Future (#5ftf) movement. The idea behind #5ftf is that organizations should dedicate 5% of their people to contribute back to the WordPress project, in an effort to help it continue to grow.

In 2016, WDS employees contributed almost 1,500 hours to the WordPress community and projects through our #5ftf involvement. Our team contributed in many different areas including Core development, theme and plugin releases, helping in the support forum, WordCamp and Meetup organization, WordPress tutorials, and more. Our WDS team is so passionate about WordPress that many of our team members contribute to WordPress well beyond our official involvement. It’s absolutely inspiring to see the commitment our team has to WordPress and the entire open-source community.Continue Reading

How to Migrate a Widget to a Custom Post Type

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Recently, one of my favorite themes, Zerif Lite, was suspended from the WordPress repo. As I was reading about the issues involved, it got me thinking: Just how hard is it to migrate a widget to a Custom Post Type? According to ThemeIsle, this was one of the factors which led to their decision, arguing that “changing this in an existing theme means that whoever’s currently using it will get their site messed up.” Let me be clear: I refuse to take sides here, as there are valid points from both parties, so let’s leave the drama somewhere else. For now, let’s move forward and do something productive. Let’s migrate those old widgets.
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Five for the Future: December Contributions

Every month, WebDevStudios (WDS) participates in Five for the Future by contributing our team’s skills to enhance and strengthen WordPress. WDS team members are given carte blanche to work on whatever project they like, as a team or individually, so long as it aids in growing the WordPress pie and benefits the overall community.

We believe in giving back. Each month, we participate in Five for the Future by donating an entire workday to the WordPress project and encouraging our employees to do something that makes WordPress a better product. Here are just some of the tasks we accomplished during our last Five for the Future day, which took place on December 2nd.Continue Reading

How to Download FTP Files in WordPress

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Recently, I was given the opportunity to work on a really cool importing project that involved us pulling data from an FTP server and importing that into WordPress. It led me to look deeper into the Filesystem API; WordPress does this already, and I wanted to learn more.
There’s a couple of hurdles you have to get over if you’re not familiar with file manipulations, so let’s jump into it, and hopefully I can show you some neat tricks!

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Free Webinar: Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Mobile App

Wow, where does the time go? It has already been two months since our previous webinar. As you may recall, our CEO, Brad Williams, shared his experience working with WordPress in the enterprise space. The hour-long webinar was filled with great information from Brad and wrapped up with a number of excellent questions from the live audience. It felt just like being at a WordPress conference, except the entire audience was in their PJs (or so we assume! I know I was.).

We had such a great time doing the first webinar, we wanted to turn right around and do it all over again. So mark your calendar: On October 6th, 2016, we’re hosting our next webinar: Your WordPress Site Into a Mobile App, hosted by me, John Hawkins.

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The Six Questions Developers Need to Ask Before Turning in Tasks

Developers, ask yourself these six questions before turning in any task

Everyday I spend time working on products for our great clients, I specifically spend a great deal of it writing code and building features. But I’m not just creating new features, I’m also creating new opportunities…opportunities to break that product. Here are the questions developers need to ask before turning in their tasks, and how they’re going to help you code smarter.

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Winning With Code Reviews

code r

Here at WebDevStudios we put a lot of emphasis on code quality. After handing off a product to a client, we never know who may be looking at and/or maintaining our code. We want to be proud and confident that the next person will not have an OMGWTFBBQ-head-smashing-into-keyboard moment, but one of delightful surprise.

How do we consistently create and maintain a high level of quality code? Through peer code reviews.

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A Change in Five for the Future at WebDevStudios

#5FTF, Five for the Future, WordPress contributing, contributing to WordPress, WordPress community
For almost two years now, WebDevStudios has been participating in the Five for the Future movement.

During that time we have contributed thousands of hours to the WordPress community across various projects. Contributing to the WordPress community, and open source in general, is at the core of what we do at WDS. We have always been thankful to WordPress for allowing us to do what we love day in and day out, and contributing 5% of our company time back to the project is our way of officially giving back to this awesome community.

When we started participating in Five for the Future, we scheduled two hours per week for each employee. Our standard contribution time was every Monday, from 9 – 11 AM. Overall, this schedule worked great and allowed our team to start the week in a very positive and fun way. We still felt like we could do better, so we have decided to make a change.

Starting this Friday, WebDevStudios will dedicate one full day–the last Friday–of each month as our Five for the Future day!

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Why Enterprise Companies Should Use WordPress: Webinar Debriefing

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Since we’ve been posting about it constantly for the last month, you probably already know that we hosted our first webinar this past Monday. Brad talked about why enterprise companies should use WordPress, and detailed some of the basic misconceptions business owners have about WordPress.

In case you missed it, we have a treat for you!

You can watch it right here and now:

A few highlights:

“A lot of the reasons that WordPress has become so popular–there aren’t really restrictions. You can use it for whatever you want.”

“A lot of people think WordPress can’t handle a large load of traffic. It’s not true. WP can handle millions and millions of hits. Really, the only limitations of what WordPress can handle depends on what your hosting can handle.”

“WordPress is a platform that people can understand how to use. Your team will want to use the tools you provide them and manage the content and manage the media because WordPress makes it easy…If your platform is hard to use, your team won’t want to use it.”

Thank you to all that attended and to those who sent us questions!

We’ll be hosting another webinar, featuring our Director of Products and Pluginize go-to, John, so keep an eye out for more details on that in a few weeks!

Have more questions about the above webinar or topics you’d like to see addressed during one of these? Drop ’em in the comments and let us know! We want your feedback!