Why a Retainer Might Be a Better Option for Your Website Project

Is a retainer a better fit for your website development project?

On the first day of class of my freshman year of college, our professor walked into the room and said something I will never forget:

Have you heard about this thing called the World Wide Web yet?

My classmates and I looked around the room at each other shaking our heads no. My only context in regards to the WWW was that the military used it and I could somehow magically send emails with my new college email address.

Fast forward, let’s say a few years (wink-wink), and here I am working in an industry that didn’t exist when I was in college. Moral of the story—technology changes fast. Developers and engineers are charting the course. Your users are setting the pace.

As the owner of a website, I believe you have a responsibility to keep that website up to date, in line with best practices, inclusive for all, and engaging. Given the speed that tech changes, in order to uphold your responsibility you must be ready for anything, i.e, “in omnia paratus” for all you “Gilmore Girls” fans out there.

If it seems overwhelming to keep up with your website responsibilities and, more importantly, your users, know that it can be, but not if you have a team behind you. One way to accomplish this is through a retainer.

There is a confidence that comes with a retainer.

A photograph of a woman wearing a denim chambray shirt holding with both hands a white coffee mug filled with coffee.The concept of a retainer is common. We often use them for services like an attorney would provide. You know your chosen professional is there to guide and assist you when you require it, allowing you to be proactive and not reactive with your business and marketing.

This is something advertising agencies have been doing for awhile now. In the advertising world, campaigns are usually ongoing because businesses need to adapt to the market quickly.

There are other benefits of retainer engagement.

  1. You are not locked into one thing. You can bend easily to the ebb and flow of development.
  2. You have a team of people at your disposal, especially in an emergency situation.
  3. Additional training is available as needed.
  4. You have the opportunity to plan and strategize on improvements.
  5. A/B testing can be done and the results evaluated.

A photograph of a lone green plant sprout growing in an empty lot with a sun glare in the background.But most importantly, you have the ability to grow as your business grows. Can we assume that if you have a business, whether it be consumer packaged goods or a service, the ultimate goal is to grow? And by grow, I don’t only mean financial profit. Growing could be defined as simply expanding your user base or team.

Our thinking needs to shift. A website is not simply a single, one-and-done project anymore. It is an ever-changing and evolving tool for your business.

The results of retainer engagement are simple:

  • Happier clients
  • Happier engineering and design team
  • Less administrative works
  • The foundation of a true partnership

Does a retainer sound like a fit for your website project? Contact us and let’s talk about it today.


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