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Why Digital Strategy Is an Important Part of Your Website Project

Are you in the market for a new website, but unsure where to start? The WebDevStudios (WDS) digital strategy team can take you from ideas to execution. We have a brilliant digital strategy team (featured in the photo gallery below) that has an ability to identify website project goals, define solutions that will meet those objectives, and recommend an approach to achieve success in project execution. To put it bluntly, digital strategy is an important part of your website project. It’s the process we use to clarify these questions:

  1. What will your website look like?
  2. How will your website work?
  3. How long will it take to build?
  4. How much does it cost?

Answering these questions and defining the scope of work requires:

  • An understanding of the needs and requirements for the project
  • A series of meetings with the WDS digital strategy team
  • Documentation of a fully realized list of ideas, features, and requirements
  • A precise review of mock-ups provided to ensure all potential scenarios for every user type have been accounted for
  • A plan that targets your timeline and budget
  • A prioritization of the deliverables to ensure a smooth development and release process

WebDevStudios Digital Strategy Team

Identify Requirements

The first step of our digital strategy team is to understand your website project goals, the success criteria of your project, as well as the current state of things in your current environment. We’ll do this through a series of collaborative meetings with you over a specified period of time.

Example Client Goals

  • An increase in newsletter subscribers.
  • Improvement and reworking of the user experience
  • Take newly-created website designs and turn them into a working website
  • Push website data to a CRM

During the strategy process, our aim is to uncover things you might not think to consider.

Example Questions We Ask

  • What does your website’s content hierarchy look like?
  • When a user lands on a specific page, what do you want them to do?
  • How will users on your site interact with a particular element?
  • Do you have multiple user types, and do they each have unique ways of interacting with the website?
  • How are specific elements managed on the backend by your administrators and editors?

We also do a deep dive into the actual functionality and technology requirements for your site. For example:

  • Third-party API connections for passing or obtaining user data
  • Support for eCommerce either onsite or through third parties
  • Custom forms
  • Business process automation
  • CRM integrations

Our goal is to exhaust all questions that could be asked in order to bring us to our next step of defining solutions.

Define Solutions

A photograph of a yellow, green, and black dart board with a red dart in the center red bullseye.In the world of technology, there is not always just one way to accomplish something. Once we have identified the goals and requirements for your website project, we can begin to determine how we’ll meet those goals and explore the different paths to meeting them.

The intention of defining solutions is not to choose the first opportunity. Instead, it is to find all opportunities and weigh them against the timeline and budget so that we can make the most educated recommendation. The solutions presented by our digital strategy team are based on our strong technical experience, especially in the WordPress space, and use the most innovative tools and technology.

Recommend Approach

A photography of two people looking at a map with one person pointing a spot on the map.No two projects are the same; so, it is not as simple as defining a single set of tools and workflows for every project. The technologies used to complete those projects may differ as we tailor our recommendations to each individual project.

Our recommended approach will be a combination of a focus on project goals, the timeline that needs to be met, and the budget allocated for the project. The details of the deliverables will vary per project but will always be delivered as a project plan. The project plan is a comprehensive document containing all of the low-level and high-level requirements for the project.

What a Project Plan Includes

  • Design(s), if needed
  • Documented functionality requirements
  • Documented user experience for that functionality
  • Recommended third-party tools, if needed
  • Research and feedback for existing functionality
  • Plan for launching
  • Timeline for completion, including phases
  • Budget requirements

The intention of our digital strategy team is to strip away all possibilities of vague or unclear language around development requirements, so that both of our teams are set up for success. Once the project plan is complete and approved by the client, it will serve as the guide for our engineering team to take the next steps for development kickoff.

When you are ready to start your next website project with WDS and strategize website goals, requirements, and user experience, contact us! We can’t wait for you to meet our extraordinary digital strategy team.


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