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From pandemic statistics to election polls and results, now more than ever, news needs to publish quickly and immediately. It’s no wonder that big media companies, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions are depending on the power of WordPress to get content up on their websites as soon as possible. Here’s why we think WordPress is the best platform for publishing information quickly.

Surge of New Content

This is a photograph of a tight crowd of people outdoors.Every single day something new is happening or information is changing. There is a surge of new content that is being added to the internet every minute, every hour. Your website content is in competition.

Whether you want to be the first to break news, be among the top in search results for the specific topic you’re reporting on, or have something imperative to share with your audience, no other content management system will help you win the race to publish information quickly and easily like WordPress.

Now, you might think that publishing information on social media allows for publishing information quickly, and it does. However, you lose control of the content when you rely solely on it.

  • Tweets cannot be edited for typos and other errors. If you goof, you have to delete that tweet (after others have already viewed it) then start a whole new tweet all over again.
  • Publishing on a social media website keeps traffic there at that platform. You benefit greatly from driving the traffic off of social media and back to your WordPress website. You want to be the source of the information you’re trying to share. Don’t let Facebook get the credit for that.
  • Social media algorithms get in the way of your posts being seen.
  • Because of the surge of content, a social media post has a limited lifespan.

How to Publish Information Quickly on WordPress

Still not convinced that WordPress is the way to go when you want to publish information quickly? Here are the features that make it possible.

  • User profiles are easy to create and add. If you have a new content contributor with breaking news, add them easily in WordPress. Limit their access to your site by setting them as an Author. They can create their Draft article in no time without affecting or being able to access any other content on your website.
  • Draft at a moment’s notice. Now that your author is set up as a user on your WordPress site, this person can get to publishing information quickly, save a Draft, and make it ready for editing.
  • Make a preview of the article available internally. If peer review is required prior to editing and publishing, in WordPress, an Author can set their saved Draft to ‘public preview’ and share that link exclusively with internal peers for notes and recommendations prior to the Draft being seen by the editor or administrator in charge of publishing.
  • Edit immediately. Once that Draft is saved, anyone whose User profile is set to Editor or Admin can now go into that Draft, edit, proof, improve the article, and publish as soon as necessary.
  • Schedule or publish on the spot. Once the information has been approved, the editor or administrator can schedule publishing or make it immediate.

A photograph of a computer screen logged into the Add New Post side of WordPress with the Words Add New Post visible at the top and the rest of the WordPress draft tools seen, too, including the field to enter the title, add media button, and the text tools, such as bold, italicize, etc.

Who Benefits

Anyone can benefit from the power of WordPress, but here’s who we think really needs to be able to rely on it for publishing information quickly:

  • Government entities – From COVID-19 updates to emergency notices, data, updates, and other information needs to be available immediately for citizens.
  • Healthcare providers – Who doesn’t want to know ER wait times, whether or not a hospital is at capacity, or vaccination availability from your healthcare service providers? This is information patients want to know now.
  • Educational institutions – If classes are cancelled, publishing a notice on your WordPress website is essential, whereas, sending out a tweet or Facebook post does not ensure all of your staff and students will see that notice.
  • Media – Obviously the media publishers are the ones who really benefit from the power of WordPress. Breaking news happens fast and WordPress makes it so easy to publish quickly.

The WordPress market share surpasses 40%. That’s huge. People are catching on to the benefits of this content management system. You should, too. If you are under pressure to publish information quickly, contact us, so we can get started on getting you in the position to benefit from the publication speed of WordPress.


1 thought on “Publish Information Quickly with WordPress

  1. WordPress is arguably the best CMS on the market and has been number 1 ever since it was created back in 2003, Content management systems as you mentioned are as quick as you need them to be in terms of publishing and with various plugins you can also use it to aggregate up to the minute news from other sources.

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