Your Website Is Never Finished

Ready, set, launch! Your website is up and running. It’s time to open a bottle of champagne, celebrate, and never worry about your website again. Right? Sorry, not sorry, but I have to disappoint you. The truth is that even after your big launch, your website is never finished. Here’s why.


Whatever platform you’re using, there will always be updates. Since WebDevStudios (WDS) specializes in WordPress, we’re going to focus on that for the remainder of this blog post.

So long as hardware and software technology improves and internet browsers add new features, WordPress will always have updates. That’s just the nature of tech. Constantly updating your website is proof that your website is never finished.

All of these WordPress updates mean updates for your themes and plugins, too. These updates are imperative to the health of your website, so it’s vital that you stay on top of them.

This could mean you need a weekly maintenance strategy, but if you don’t have the time or patience to manage this yourself, we highly recommend you sign up for one of the maintenance plans at Maintainn, a WDS-owned company. Let our team take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on the operations side of your business.


This is a close-up photo of a pile of hand-knitted from yarn teddy bears.We’ll get to blogging in just a moment, which is also another example of why your website is never finished; however, let’s talk about your static content. This means the words and media you have on your static pages, such as your Homepage, About page, Contact page, etc.

Calling them static pages is a bit misleading, but for the most part, you probably don’t touch these pages on a regular basis. Yet, what if you change your business hours, address, or add a new service or product worth mentioning on one of your static landing pages? Every website requires an update to their content at some point in the lifetime of that site.

For example, our team is growing! It seems like on a weekly basis, I am having to add a new team member to our website. So, if the website for a WordPress agency like WebDevStudios is never completed, rest assured that yours isn’t either.

Marketing Campaigns

If you’re actively marketing your business, and you should be, you may run a few campaigns a year that require a landing page on your website. The Save the Snow Day campaign that Campbell’s created is a great example. WebDevStudios was the selected website design and development agency for that campaign, which included a new landing page with its own unique URL.

Whether it’s for a sweepstakes, a special anniversary event, or to promote a new subdivision of your company, chances are that you’ll need landing pages for your marketing campaigns. See? Your website is forever an unfinished product.

New Branding

This is an outdoor photo of a bicycle wrapped in a many different colors of yarn.Fashion changes and so does design. Your brand’s logo may have been a hit in 1999, but in 2021, it might be a time for an update.

Updating your branding is very exciting. The first thing you’ll want to do is replace all of the old branding on your website with your new look. Let’s face it—if your company is decades old, you will probably go through many iterations of branding. That’s normal, but know that it means your website is never finished.

Pro tip: If you’re too overwhelmed to update your branding yourself, head over to Maintainn. The Support Program is the perfect solution for this task.

New Features

Have you ever visited someone else’s website and discovered some cool, new feature that you didn’t even know websites could do? It happens to all of us, usually resulting in hiring a developer to add this same feature to our own website. As I said before, technology is always improving. If you can enhance your website by integrating some impressive feature, why wouldn’t you? Just be sure to contact us when you do.

Testing, Analysis, Improvement

This is a photograph of an unfinished knitting project sitting next to a journal and some hand drawn sketches on top of a wooden desk.This next point really proves that your website is never finished, so pay close attention. You should be constantly monitoring conversion. If you see a downtick in signups or purchases, you owe it yourself to find out the cause. To accomplish that, you will have to run tests, analyze, and make improvements.

You may have to run A/B tests on content and landing pages to see which elements are most successful at converting website visitors into customers. Once you have those answers, you’ll want to implement changes. Staying on top of testing, analysis, and making improvements, again, proves that your website is not done upon launch.

Blogging and SEO

Just like you need to remain cognizant of the conversion rate of your website, you also need keep a watchful eye on your SEO efforts. One of they ways to win at this game is through blogging. Blogging regularly means strengthening your placement in search results. So long as you are always blogging and always tending to your SEO, your website is forever a work in progress.

Think of your website as a garden in need of daily nurturing. Paying attention to it consistently will only help your business grow and flourish, and isn’t that what you want? Your website is never finished, but that’s okay. Success is not a destination. It is a journey, and we invite you to contact us to join yours.


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  1. To the “testing, analysis, improvement” paragraph, I would also add performance optimization and making sure the website looks clean and runs well on both desktop and mobile devices, as well as in all popular browsers.

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