Announcing a New WebDevStudios Teammate

Things are heating up this summer at WebDevStudios (WDS). Not only is our WordPress agency busy with exciting new client work, our team of technologists continues to grow at an impressive speed. Today, we’d like to announce one of our newest Frontend Engineers, who joins our virtual offices from New York, New York. He’s the kind of coworker who is always happy to help. Take a moment to get acquainted with him now.

J.R. McCann, Frontend Engineer

This is a selfie style photograph of J.R. McCann, Frontend Engineer at WebDevStudios.
J.R. McCann, Frontend Engineer

After his graduation from Hunter College, J.R. McCann spent close to a decade working as a professional archaeologist before becoming a software engineer. How did he make such a transition?

According to J.R., while the two subjects seem like they don’t have much in common, there are similarities. For instance, both fuel his desire to constantly learn. “With both of these careers, I have been able to end most days with more knowledge than when I started,” J.R. explains, adding, “Secondly, I just love the puzzle of it. Whether trying to dig out a wall or building a filter function, multiple times a day, I find myself breaking down the obstacle into the smallest possible instance, just to reorganize it in a way that is clear and logical.”

Now that we have a better understanding of J.R.’s career pivot, we have to know, what inspired him to apply at WDS specifically. Well, J.R. says he was intrigued by our company’s emphasis on personal development. “In both my screening and my proper interview, it was just such a welcoming and warm environment,” reports J.R., “There was so much deliberation put into saying that WDS truly does prefer people who are capable and willing to learn. As someone who is still quite young, I really appreciate the standard of expectation for both personal and professional growth.”

J.R. goes onto say that here is always more to learn, and always more to do, and he appreciates working with a team of incredibly intelligent people who are always willing to help him out. Plus, he loves the remote work lifestyle, saying, “It’s great knowing I’ll never have to leave my dog’s side.”

One of the most interesting aspects of J.R. is his commitment to zero waste and renewable energy. He says that it is a lifelong journey for him, and he’s very proud to be involved. “I am by no means a master (or even very good at it), but I think it is important for one to at least be aware of both the social and personal responsibilities that derive from your own energy consumption and waste,” J.R. says.

He even has a few tips for all of us working remotely:

  1. Canned food and drinks are a great pantry staple, but it’s best to limit them. “Recycling is worthwhile,” says J.R., “But it is not the answer. Single-use containers are, at its own core, a waste.”
  2. Focus on where your food comes from. J.R. wants us to prioritize locally-sourced food. “Transportation emissions tax the environment in a serious way,” he says, “With today’s global economy, it is both increasingly easy to find food from all over the world, and also increasingly difficult to find locally sourced food at an economic price. But any change you can do helps.”
  3. “This one is always controversial, but meat and dairy are bad for the environment,” states J.R. He says that limiting your consumption goes a long way.
  4. Buy proper materials. “Wood and leather are better than plastic and nylon,” cautions J.R. “Every time you buy plastic, please consider the following: every piece of plastic you’ve ever used throughout your entire life is still floating in the ocean, in a landfill, or has been burned into the atmosphere.”
  5. Lastly, J.R. wants to remind us to be mindful of energy consumption. “Gas is running out, as is coal,” says J.R.

He also adds that no one is perfect, but most of us can improve. “I gently encourage anyone reading this to please reflect on your own habits,” J.R. advises.

Don’t forget—we are still hiring! If you’d like to see yourself featured on the WebDevStudios blog as a new teammate, work alongside a winning team, and spend the last Friday of every month giving back to WordPress, please take a look at our job listings and apply today.


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