We love learning interesting, cool details about our teammates. It’s especially captivating when those tidbits of information correlate to their job roles at WebDevStudios (WDS). That’s why we’re eager for you to meet our new teammate, Adam Bates, Frontend Engineer.

Adam’s tale is uniquely fascinating, as it includes a passion for home building. When you think about it, that’s pretty closely related to engineering.

So, keep reading to learn more about Adam. We think you’ll find his narrative as riveting as we do.

Adam Bates, Frontend Engineer

This is an outdoor photograph of WebDevStudios Frontend Engineer, Adam Bates.
Adam Bates, Frontend Engineer

Adam loves all things WordPress. He says, “I have grown to appreciate the power and flexibility of the platform. Whether it’s a simple blog or a full-feature web application, WordPress can handle it. One of the most valuable aspects is the control that it gives our clients over their own websites.”

After he graduated with degrees in web development and digital media, Adam began his engineering career as a freelancer. However, he realized he was missing out by not being a part of a team. That’s when he started searching for opportunities to work with other professionals like himself. The moment he saw the open position at WDS, it seemed like a fit.

“I have not been disappointed in that regard,” reports Adam. “The skill level at WDS is absolutely top notch, and it is a great team environment.”

Adam says the onboarding process feels organized, thoughtful, and through. “I had the privilege of meeting everyone in the company and learning about the different parts,” he says, adding, “It’s important to understand everyone’s skill level and specialties to be efficient as a team; so this was a very beneficial process.”

Remember when we mentioned Adam’s interest in house building? Well, that passion for construction began when he was child. Adam’s father is a lifelong handyman, who almost never hires out for home repairs.

When Adam and his wife bought their first home, they purposely bought one that required renovation. It was during the rehab process that they unfortunately discovered a mold infestation that was so bad, they actually had to demolish their home and build a new construction.

“So, my first foray into new home construction was not exactly by choice,” Adam explains. “However, with a small army of family and friends, we were able to build a new house that was habitable only four months after demolishing the previous house.”

Since then, Adam and his spouse built and sold a second home to help pay off the first. “It was a great way to get exercise and get out of the office for a bit each day. I hope to build another one in the near future,” he says.

Adam describes the experience as something that relates to software engineering, saying, “In both cases, you have a task to accomplish and a set of tools at your disposal. Knowing which tools to use and how to use them effectively is paramount for both occupations.”

He adds that project management is also essential to both house building and engineering. “You must be able to grasp the full scope of the project as well as each individual phase. With a project of that scale, you must plan the entire process from beginning to end in order to deliver a quality product in a timely fashion,” says Adam.

With his skillset, mindset, and attitude, we know Adam will be of great value to WebDevStudios. You could be, too. We’re hiring! Take a moment to look at our Careers page and submit your online application today.


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