Two New WebDevStudios Backend Engineers

Our website agency is ever-evolving. That means our team is, too. Get to know our two newest WebDevStudios backend engineers in this team announcement.

One of them was recently credited as a contributor to the highly-anticipated WordPress 6.0 (aka “Arturo”). The other new backend engineer is a talented, self-taught technologist who has worked on different PHP and JavaScript frameworks.

Both love WordPress. Keep reading to find out why and learn more about these two new WebDevStudios backend engineers—Alok Shrestha and Alexander Garuba.

Alok Shrestha, Backend Engineer

This is a photograph of WebDevStudios Backend Engineer, Alok Shrestha, leaning against a rail, with a water scenery and bridge blurred behind him.
Alok Shrestha, Backend Engineer

“The main reason I love backend engineering is seeing ideas turn into reality, real-time applications which solve problems,” Alok says of his interest in development. He enjoys building features and customizing them according to the client’s requirements.

“I feel it’s a challenging role since the backend can include various technologies, services, and ways that these components communicate,” he says, adding, “Fixing bugs, and maintaining a website is what makes it more interesting. I get to see happy faces at the end of the day after I smash some bugs and maintain the security and the speed of the website.”

Smash some bugs? Sounds like Alok fits right in with the rest of our team.

In fact, Alok had been keeping up with WebDevStudios (WDS) for a long time during his career, taking advantage of our free plugins and admiring our impact on the WordPress community.

“It has been like a dream job for me to work for such a huge WordPress development company,” Alok says.

Unfortunately, it took a while for him to gain the courage to apply. He was on the market, searching for a job, when he decided he wanted to move up and his career.

He overcame his fear and applied for the role at WDS. “It was very exciting and I was happy to be hired for the backend engineer position,” he says.

Alok professes a love for WordPress. Here’s why:

  • WordPress is free and doesn’t require any license to use.
  • It’s easy and has a user-friendly interface.
  • The WordPress community is always growing. There are always some cool plugins, themes, or the core is being developed every day.
  • It is highly flexible to customize to meet your needs.
  • WordPress is always adapting to new technologies.

Impressively, Alok is a credited contributor of WordPress 6.0. This is huge!

He acquired this accomplishment by contributing to the Gutenberg Handbook documentation. Alok found some bugs in the documentation and pushed the changes through a PR. Later on, it was accepted and he received messages from the core team members.

“I wasn’t sure and didn’t know I would be listed among the contributors for WordPress 6.0 because this was my first time contributing to
the core until Michael Beckwith saw it somewhere and he mentioned it to me. The best part is, that there’s a new Core Contributors badge in my profile,” Alok explains.

WDS is proud to have Alok on the team. And we look forward to witnessing his future contributions to WordPress and our web agency.

Alexander Garuba, Backend Engineer

Alexander Garuba, Backend Engineer

When asked what is about backend engineering that holds his interest, Alexander makes it clear that frontend engineering is also a passion.

“There is an inner joy to creating solutions and applications that helps businesses and their users,” he says. Alexander knew he had to apply for the backend engineer position at WDS when he read the job description.

“I almost feel like it was written with me in mind,” he explains. “I also went to the WebDevStudios about page. I could clearly see how my goals align with the purposes of WebDevStudios. There’s nothing I love more than when I am working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal, and that’s what excited me about working here.”

Like Alok, Alexander also claims to be in love with WordPress.

“WordPress is user-friendly in the sense it can be used by developers and non developers with ease,” he states. “One occasion that made me love WordPress more was when I discovered WooCommerce. I was shocked how a tiny plugin can give one the ability to create an amazing ecommerce application and still be extendable.”

Before joining WDS, Alexander worked on various other projects, some of which where built on Laravel, OpenCart, Python, and DotNet. His previous employers range from startups, dev shops, and IT companies.

“I have also worked as a freelancer,” Alexander continues, saying, “My recent project as a freelancer is building the APIs and dashboard for Beezop, a platform where business processes can be managed.”

Like many technologists, Alexander is very interested in Web3. He explains why.

“Well, the fact is based on blockchain technology, which incorporates concepts such as decentralization and token-based economics, also value is exchanged between people, not big tech.”

Alexander makes an effort to expand his knowledge on the subject with continued education. “Lately I have been learning about Solidity,” he confirms. Hopefully, he’ll write about what he’s learned on our blog.

WebDevStudios Is Hiring

Do you have an interest in joining our website development and design agency, just like Alok and Alexander did? You’re in luck. We’re hiring!

  • UX Designer
  • Technical Strategist
  • Lead Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Backend Engineer
  • Frontend Engineer

Check out our Careers page and read the job description for each open position. One day, we could be publishing a team announcement about you. Apply today.


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