As we begin a new month, we ask for your help welcoming new teammates. Our staff keeps growing with the addition of talented technologists and project managers.

Today, we’re introducing you to Jenna Hines, Frontend Engineer; Biplav Subedi, Backend Engineer; and Katy Zima, Project Manager. While each person represents a different job role at WebDevStudios (WDS), these three new teammates all have a common passion for their work.

Keep reading to learn more about them. If you find yourself inspired to work alongside these fine folks, take a look at our WDS Careers page. We’re hiring!

Jenna Hines, Frontend Engineer


Jenna loves writing code and seeing a static design become an interactive thing.

“With how quickly the web changes, I’m always learning and finding new or better ways of doing something,” she says. “Being able to work on various client projects keeps me on my toes because there is always a challenge to tackle and no two projects are ever the same.”

For her entire career, Jenna has been building websites in WordPress. However, now, working at a website design and development agency that focuses on WordPress, Jenna says she knows there are plenty of opportunities to learn and continue to grow her skillset. She can’t help but look forward to becoming a better developer, learner, and teacher.

“I’ve been a solo developer for the last couple of years, so it’s exciting to be back on a team,” Jenna says. “In addition to continuing to improve my WordPress knowledge and skills, I’m hoping to grow my JavaScript skills and work on projects with React and Vue.”

Already, we can see how interesting Jenna is, but wait until you get a load of what she’s working on when she’s not developing websites. Jenna is building a campervan!

“Building and eventually living in a campervan is and will be full of challenges and opportunities for me to grow,” Jenna explains. “I’ve spent a lot of time learning all about electricity, solar power, plumbing, designing, and planning—all things I wouldn’t have spent time learning otherwise.”

Jenna’s intention with the campervan is to travel around the US and Canada with her dogs. She is eager to avoid the heat, enjoy nature, and see new sights all while working remotely.

“I am just excited for the journey, both the ups and the inevitable downs,” Jenna says.

Biplav Subedi, Backend Engineer

This is an outdoor photo of WebDevStudios Backend Engineer, Biplav Subedi.
Biplav Subedi, Backend Engineer

“I love WordPress mostly because it’s where I started my journey into web development,” says Biplav, our newest backend engineer. He continues, “I was fascinated by the welcoming community and their thorough documentation. Basically, it was so easy for me to get into WordPress. I got hooked and decided to stay in the WordPress ecosystem permanently.”

Even though Biplav was delighted with his career path, he was considering take a full year off from it when he discovered the open position at WDS. He had heard good things about our website agency and thought he would give it a try.

“Now, here I am working with the most insightful and helpful people I ever had the chance to work with,” exclaims Biplav. He reports that he’s looking forward to growing daily, completing educational achievements, and soaking in as much knowledge as possible.

Biplav is an active member of the WordPress Nepal community, helping to organize, sponsor, volunteer and speak at WordCamps in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Biratnagar.

“I have mostly preached about making a robust backend and held some workshops on plugin or theme development and theme review,” says Biplav.

You would think with all that on Biplav’s plate, he’d be a ball of stress. He’s not. That’s because Biplav unwinds by singing in his backyard. Yes, true story.

“Most of my neighbors really like it. One of them even plays the piano for me when he’s free,” Biplav explains. Sadly, however, not everyone is a fan.

“One of my neighbors is not really fond of my late-night singing,” Biplav confesses. “Most of the time, when I go out to sing in my backyard, he coincidentally starts mowing the lawn at the same time.”

Katy Zima, Project Manager

This is a portrait of Katy Zima, Project Manager at WebDevStudios.
Katy Zima, Project Manager

According to Katy, there’s never a dull moment in project management.

“Although I have a strong appreciation for time management, organization, and project scope, the best part about being a project manager is interacting daily with my team and clients,” she clarifies.

Katy says, initially, she applied for the open project manager role because it seemed like a great learning opportunity.

“I did not have much experience with web development,” she explains. “The opportunity to learn something new while using my project management skills is a welcome challenge!”

She also says she was impressed by by WDS’ fantastic work culture.

“Working from home can have its isolating moments, but I never feel that way at WDS. Our internal communication is interactive and goes throughout the day,” Katy exclaims. She reports that she’s looking forward to accomplishing website projects that make a big impact.

Katy loves to bike and hike with her family, exploring nearby parks and watching her children establish their own process of exploration.

“We have enjoyed the challenging hike up Mount Tammany, located in the Delaware Water Gap,” Katy shares one of her favorite hiking paths, adding, “We have not taken the kids there yet, since there are some tricky areas and they are still young, but I look forward to allowing them explore it in the future.”

We’re looking forward to watching Katy, Biplav, and Jenna make their mark at WebDevStudios. There’s no doubt they will successfully aid in our quest to make your success our mission.


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