Debugging React with VS Code and Chrome

Have you ever considered using a debugger for your React project but decided to keep on using console.log() instead because you thought it would be a pain to set up proper debugging?

I did, until one day, I needed to get into the weeds on a project, and I figured I’d try and set up debugging in hopes of making my life easier. I was delighted to find out how easy it was! In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to debug a React project using VS Code and Chrome.

To demonstrate how to set things up, I’m going to use Vite and React to set up a React project. You’ll need to have VS Code and NPM installed.

Set Up a Workspace in VS Code

First, create a directory for our workspace. Then Open the directory in VS Code. Save the workspace.

I used D:devtrainingdebugging-react.

Create a React Starter Project Using Vite

From VS Code, open up this location in the integrated terminal and run the following command to create a starter project: npm create vite@latest

Create a Vite project

Follow the prompt from Vite. Give the project a name (I used vite-demo ). Select React for the framework and JavaScript for the variant.

Once that’s all set, change directories into the project folder that you assigned, run npm install.

Install packages

Once the installation is complete, start Vite by running npm run dev.

Run Vite

We can see that our project is running on localhost, port 5173. A browser window will be opened with the project:

Vite + React demo page

Create and Configure a launch.json File in VS Code

Now we need to create a launch.json file. Click the Debug icon (1), then create a launch.json file (2). The launch.json file will be located in your workspace’s .vscode directory.

Create launch.json file

Select the location:

Select the location

Select Chrome for the debugging type:

Debugging type: Chrome

This will open the launch.json file in a tab. (1) Set the port to whatever was specified by Vite earlier (5173 by default), and (2) add the subdirectory your project is into the webRoot option if you have your project in a subdirectory like I do here (/vite-demo).

Configure launch.json file in VS Code

Add a Breakpoint to the Code

Now open up your project’s src/App.jsxfile (1) and (2) add a breakpoint to line 20. We’re going to debug the count variable.

Add a breakpoint

Start Debugging Your React Project!

OK, we’re getting close! Now click the Start button to start debugging. This will launch our app in a new Chrome window.

Start debugging

The app is paused for debugging.

App opened for debugging in Chrome

A debugging session is now active in VS Code. We can use the debugging control bar to step through and inspect the code.

Debugging session is now active

We can interact with the app and see the value of the counter increase after clicking the count button.

Click the counter

Observe counter value

Here’s a quick screen capture showing this in action:

Debugging screen capture

One thing to note is that, by default, React.StrictMode is enabled in dev mode, so your app will be run twice. See the docs for details on Strict Mode.

That’s all there is to setting up basic React debugging in VS Code and Chrome. I hope this helps you to more efficiently debug your React projects.


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