Two New Engineers Bring New Skills and Expertise to Our Website Agency Team

WebDevStudios is thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our WordPress website agency team—a dynamic duo of engineering prowess that is set to revolutionize our approach to crafting cutting-edge digital experiences. Meet Rami Abraham, Lead Engineer, and Ramsés Del Rosario, Backend Engineer. These two professionals are exceptionally talented individuals who have joined our ranks and are already infusing our team with fresh insights, innovative thinking, and a wealth of technical expertise.

As our website company continues to evolve in an ever-advancing digital landscape, we recognize the paramount importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements. With Rami’s background in internal ops and security and Ramsés’ deep expertise in WordPress multisite network maintenance, we are embarking on an exciting journey of growth and innovation.

Please take a moment to meet Rami and Ramsés, and you’ll quickly understand why we are delighted to add their expertise to our website agency team.

Rami Abraham, Lead Engineer

This is a black and white portrait photo of Rami Abraham, Lead Engineer at WebDevStudios.
Rami Abraham, Lead Engineer

Fun fact: not only is Rami not new to WordPress, having worked with the software since 2008, he’s not new to WebDevStudios, either. Rami worked for our website agency about 10 years ago.

“When reconnecting with Brad and Lisa last winter, I was impressed that the strong, positive, collaborative culture had been maintained,” Rami reports. “Everyone is still working to build each other up, as if it was day one, despite the company now being way larger than when I was first here. Throughout my career, I’ve come to learn this isn’t an easy thing to do—maintaining a certain culture at a remote company—especially one experiencing rapid growth. It requires persistent, constant effort.”

In ten years, a lot can happen. While WebDevStudios has excelled at upholding a positive and supportive company culture, many things have changed.

“There are much more female employees and much more international employees,” says Rami, adding, “Both are really great to see. I feel a high percentage of female employees can be indicative of a healthy company culture. JavaScript expertise is also much more common among coworkers for obvious reasons.”

There are certain things that Rami appreciates about WordPress. He says it’s built to make deep-customization and enterprise-scale engineering projects like those we build at WebDevStudios straightforward to plan and support after launch. However, what really impresses Rami about WordPress is the community. So, he got involved.

Rami has organized and mentored WordCamps and meetups, contributed to the WordPress core, and worked in team leadership roles and in WordPress product development. He expands on his involvement a bit more.

“I was an organizer of WordCamp Lancaster for a few years and volunteered prior to that for the conference and the meetup,” Rami says. “I’ve volunteered and presented at a variety of meetups and conferences over the years. I’ve also mentored WordCamps in Maryland, Virginia, and Minneapolis per the mentoring program at the WordPress Foundation, under the guidance of Cami and Kevin.”

But there’s more to Rami than his passion for WordPress and his talent for building amazing projects at WebDevStudios. He’s a musician, too.

“I’m an amateur classical guitarist, composer, and occasionally transcribe music from different formats into standard notation as well as tablature,” Rami explains. “Typically, this involves transcribing video game soundtracks, but I’ve also tried my hand at transcribing various Baroque works by Bach and Buxtehude and some contemporary genres like jazz and various kinds of metal.”

Ramsés Del Rosario, Backend Engineer

This is an indoor portrait photo of Ramsés Del Rosario, a backend engineer at website agency WebDevStudios.
Ramsés Del Rosario, Backend Engineer

With awe-inspiring experience in WordPress, which includes a focus on performance, custom migrations, and third-party integrations, Ramsés brings valuable expertise to our website agency. He says what he loves most about WordPress is its flexibility.

It was Senior Frontend Engineer Alfredo Navas who piqued Ramsés’ interest in working at WebDevStudios. Ramsés explains, “I saw him in an interview a couple of years ago when I started to find about WordPress agencies, and he talked about the company and what he was working on at the time (Headless WordPress and Gatsby). I found that interesting.”

Since he joined the team, Ramsés says he’s settling in well. “It has been better than expected,” he reports, “The people here are so nice, everybody is willing to help, and you can express yourself freely without the need for a lot of formality.”

One of Ramsés’ WordPress specialties is performance. He offers some tips.

“Use lazy loading to avoid loading all the images at once,” Ramsés advises, adding, “Use a cache layer either through Cloudflare or Object cache if you are more experienced. Install query monitor, and fix any slow queries that you have, making sure you only request the necessary data.”

Ramsés lives with his wife and his dog. He loves video games and considers himself a mixology enthusiast, an interest he adopted during the pandemic.

“I played around with some ingredients, and a friend of mine gave me a cocktail based on rum, ginger ale, and Angostura bitters,” he explains. “And then I was like, ‘Hey! You don’t need a lot of fancy ingredients to make a cocktail.’ After that, I usually start my weekends with a good old fashion or a negroni, depending on the mood.”

Tap Into Our Expertise

We are glad to welcome these two new engineers to our team and give you the chance to get to know them. Both Rami and Ramsés bring with them a wealth of skills and expertise in WordPress and leading technological solutions. These new additions to our team further solidify our position as a leading WordPress website agency, and we are confident that they will help us to continue to provide our clients with the best possible service.

If you are looking for a website agency that can help you to achieve your online goals, then we encourage you to contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your project and create a custom solution that meets your needs.


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