Building and nurturing long-term business relationships is the cornerstone of sustained success in any industry. Whether it’s with clients, partners, peers, or fans, the value of these connections cannot be overstated.

These relationships foster trust, loyalty, and a sense of community that forms the bedrock of a thriving WordPress ecosystem. Staying connected ensures that these bonds remain strong. This is why every month, WebDevStudios (WDS) shares our company news.

It’s About Connection

By sharing company news regularly, we can maintain important connections. Keeping you informed about the latest achievements not only showcases the company’s progress but also invites you to be part of the journey. WDS believes in demonstrating transparency and commitment. We do this by keeping everyone involved in the company’s endeavors. Doing so creates a sense of belonging and importance within the WordPress world.

Through this monthly blog post which details our WordPress agency’s accomplishments and events, we aim to not just inform but to engage and involve our network. It’s a platform to celebrate achievements, whether they are milestones reached, awards received, or significant partnerships forged. Additionally, WebDevStudios company news serves as a preview of what’s to come, inviting our clients, partners, peers, and fans to participate in our future initiatives, fostering excitement and anticipation.

WebDevStudios Company News Acts as a Bridge

This blog post acts as a virtual bridge, connecting us with our audience and allowing them to be a part of our journey. It’s a testament to our commitment to partnership, community, and inclusivity, inviting everyone to share in our successes.

By staying connected through regular updates, we foster a sense of collaboration that transcends mere business relationships, creating a network of mutual support and growth. You can catch up with our latest happenings on our blog and by signing up for our monthly newsletter, where we share exclusive information from WDS CEO Brad Williams and COO Lisa Sabin-Wilson.

Here’s the latest WebDevStudios company news. Thank you for reading and joining our journey.

Felicia Day Launch

This is a screen shot from Felicia Day's home page of her new WordPress website redesign by WebDevStudios.

WebDevStudios is proud to announce the launch of Felicia Day’s new website,, built with love by our WordPress team. Felicia Day is a multifaceted creator, actress, writer, and producer known for her diverse contributions to geek culture. She gained widespread recognition for her web series “The Guild,” showcasing her talents as both a writer and actress.

Felicia’s work extends across various media, including television, gaming, and literature, and she’s recognized as an influential figure in the realm of online entertainment and gaming communities. It all began when Felicia notified her 2.5 million followers on X (formerly Twitter) that she was on the hunt for someone to redesign her website. Without missing a beat, we reached out.

“It’s so easy! This is not what WordPress used to be,” Felicia declares as WDS Director of Engineering, Mitch Canter, demonstrates her new website live on Felicia’s Twitch stream. Watch now, and learn more about why you need a website even when you’re a famous celebrity and just how easy it is to manage it using the WordPress Site Editor.

Special shoutout to our team, who made this project happen!


We never tire of saying how important WordCamps are. Attending them is pivotal for fostering a vibrant community centered around the open-source platform. WordCamps serve as hubs for networking, enabling collaboration among enthusiasts, developers, and users while nurturing a sense of camaraderie that fuels innovation. These are the WordCamp events our team members attended in November.

WordCamp San José

WDS Senior Frontend Engineer Alfredo Navas spoke at WordCamp San José (Costa Rica), which took place November 4-5. Alfredo’s talk was named “Impactando WordPress desde Adentro: Contribuyendo con el Core,” and it covered how to contribute to the WordPress core. Additionally, Alfredo worked the Core desk at WordCamp San José.

This is a photo of Senior Frontend Engineer Alfredo Navas at WordCamp San Jose.

WordCamp Manila

WDS Engineering Manager JC Palmes spoke at WordCamp Manila on November 11. Her talk was titled “Exploring the Impact of Block Themes in WordPress” and covered the significance of Block Themes in the WordPress ecosystem.

This is a photo of WDS Engineering Manager JC Palmes speaking at the podium while at WordCamp Manila 2023.

Plugin Updates

This is the Pluginize logo.

Every single Pluginize plugin is a WordPress plugin developed by WebDevStudios. Our product team has been hard at work. If you’re using one of our plugins, here are the updates you need to know about.

WP Search with Algolia Pro

WP Search with Algolia Pro released two updates in November. First, there was Version 1.3.1, which included fixes for mismatched details for Rank Math and SEOPress. Then, our team launched Version 1.3.2, which included improved logic for “noindex” detection with both Yoast SEO and SEOPress. But it was Version 1.3.0, released in October, that really blew everyone’s mind. Read this blog post for more information

Custom Post Type UI (CPTUI)

New updated versions of CPTUI were also released in November: Versions 1.5.0 and 1.15.1. These updates include:

  • WordPress 6.3 or higher required
  • Compatible with WordPress 6.4.1
  • Override the slug change prevention setting for competing slugs
  • “item_trashed” label support

Custom Post Type UI Extended

CPTUI Extended has now been updated to Version 1.11.3. This includes confirmed WordPress 6.4.1 compatibility and some PHP 8 deprecation fixes

Taxonomy Switcher

Taxonomy Switcher is updated to Version 1.0.6. This update includes PHP 8 compatibility and cache clearing after migration.

Upcoming Event: Algolia DevBit

This is the banner from Algolia DevBit.


Catch Brad at Algolia DevBit on December 13th, where he will present how to power a WordPress website with Algolia search by using our own WP Search with Algolia plugin. Registration is free!


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