At WebDevStudios, we know we’re a part of something greater than ourselves. We are members of the greater WordPress community and a movement to make the web a better place for all participants. So every month, when we share our company news, we do so knowing that we’re not just disseminating information. We’re building connections, fostering trust, and celebrating our collective achievements.

Additionally, sharing company news fuels our collective momentum. It serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come and ignites a sense of excitement for what lies ahead. Whether on a podcast, involvement with a WordCamp, or a byline on a partner’s blog, each piece of news propels us forward, inspiring us to reach greater heights and pursue new opportunities with renewed vigor.

One of the most rewarding aspects of sharing company news is witnessing the ripple effect it creates. As we unveil our achievements, innovations, and milestones, we see the impact radiate outward, touching our immediate team and our partners, clients, and stakeholders. Seeing how our news resonates with others is immensely fulfilling, sparking conversations, generating enthusiasm, and fostering a sense of pride in what we’ve accomplished together.

So let’s uncover together what WebDevStudios (WDS) achieved in March. Thank you for being a part of our story.

Plugin Madness

Plugin Madness is an exhilarating bracket-style competition that captivates the online world by pitting 64 plugins against one another to determine the crème de la crème. With the WordPress repository boasting an extensive array of plugins alongside numerous premium options, Plugin Madness serves as a beacon, spotlighting the most innovative and invaluable WordPress plugins out there.

Plugin Madness isn’t just about showcasing plugins. It’s about honoring the ingenious developers and authors behind them and recognizing their contributions to the WordPress community. Much like its March counterpart, this competition commenced with a thrilling lineup of 64 WordPress plugins, carefully selected through a nomination process that spanned from February 12 to February 26, with the final contenders unveiled on March 4. Among them is our very own Custom Post Type UI (CPTUI).

At the time of publication of this blog post, Plugin Madness is in Round 4 of its contest. CPTUI has made it so far and is currently pitted against Advanced Custom Fields. We can make it to next week’s finals if you vote for CPTUI daily. Here’s how.

Just go to the Plugin Madness landing page at the Torque Mag website. You may have to register, but remember, you can vote daily. Thank you to everyone who has been voting and keeping CPTUI in the race!

This is a portrait of Jen Miller, Director of Accounts, wearing a WebDevStudios cap.
Jen Miller, Director of Accounts

Guest Post on the WP Engine Blog

Since we released the video demonstrating how WebDevStudios developed a specialized framework that fixes errors after migrating your website from Elementor to WordPress Blocks, the buzz around this solution has grown. In fact, WP Engine invited WDS Director of Accounts Jen Miller to guest post about it on their blog.

In “How WebDevStudios Saves Time and Simplifies Elementor Migrations for Enterprise Clients,” Jen reports that websites created with page builders, such as Elementor, score lower on Google’s PageSpeed Insights than those built in the WordPress block editor. She continues to explain how errors can occur when moving from Elementor to the WordPress Block Editor and how WDS can help.

Visit the WP Engine blog to read the full article.

Amazing Teams Podcast

This is a promotional image from the Amazing Teams podcast. It features a portrait of WDS CEO Brad Williams and the Spotify and Apple Podcasts logos.

For many years, WebDevStudios has relied on HeyTaco for employee rewards. Here’s how it works.

HeyTaco operates as a dynamic platform fostering positivity and camaraderie within teams worldwide. The concept is refreshingly simple yet profoundly effective: spread cheer and gratitude by sending taco emojis as tokens of appreciation.

Each day, users are granted a bounty of five virtual tacos, which they can bestow upon colleagues for various reasons. These taco tokens serve as more than just playful symbols. They symbolize genuine recognition and encouragement, creating an atmosphere where acknowledgment and support flourish. Best of all, they can be accumulated and redeemed for things like gift cards, actual tacos, or a paid day off!

HeyTaco produces a podcast called “Amazing Teams.” Recently, WDS CEO Brad Williams was a featured guest, and he discussed how to establish a company culture within a remote work environment, engage with a distributed team, and build an amazing team.

“Culture, I think, at all levels, is super important, but especially distributed because it is so much harder when you’re not face-to-face,” Brad says during his interview. “You don’t get these random interactions at a water cooler. I don’t get to stop by your desk and ask, ‘Hey, how was your weekend? What’d you do?’ For just that five-minute little sync, you don’t get that in remote unless you intentionally make it happen.”

Listen to the full episode featuring Brad on the “Amazing Teams Podcast.”

WordCamp Asia

WordCamp Asia is one of the most popular and attended WordCamps around the globe, selling out quickly each year. This year’s event occurred March 7-9 in Taipei, Taiwan.

WDS Engineering Manager JC Palmes is always involved in one way or another. This year, JC was the Lead Organizer of Contributor Day, which is a day dedicated to fostering collaboration and contribution to the WordPress project.

During WordCamp Contributor Day, attendees come together to work on various aspects of WordPress, such as core development, design, documentation, translation, support, and more. Participants can join teams based on their interests and skill sets, collaborating with other community members and experienced contributors to improve WordPress in different ways. Without organizers and volunteers, Contributor Day could never happen.

“Leading Contributor Day was fulfilling,” says JC. “Overall, my experience at WordCamp Asia 2024 in Taipei was fantastic, despite the stress of keeping the next host city under wraps. I’m excited for WordCamp Asia 2025 in Manila!”

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