Saving Your WordPress Website: How WebDevStudios Rescues Clients from Poor Digital Marketing Practices

At WebDevStudios, we often encounter potential clients frustrated by their website’s poor performance. Upon investigation, we frequently discover that these clients have entrusted their WordPress management and hosting to digital marketing agencies. Now, they’re coming to us to save their WordPress website.

While digital marketing agencies excel in their domain, they are not specialized WordPress experts or managed WordPress hosting providers, leading to various issues that can severely impact website performance. Keep reading to learn that your WordPress website is best left in the hands of industry professionals specializing in WordPress.

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Depend on a Digital Marketing Agency for WordPress Services and Hosting

A photo of a ship sinking in the ocean.Digital marketing agencies are excellent at helping companies improve their overall online presence—from ad campaigns to working with online influencers. Where they fail is in WordPress design, development, and hosting. The best digital marketing agencies are self-aware and refer their clients to WordPress agencies like us instead of taking on your WordPress needs. Why should more digital marketing agencies send their clients to WordPress agencies instead of taking on the tasks themselves? The answers are below.

Lack of Specialized Expertise

Digital marketing agencies typically lack specialized WordPress design, development, and hosting knowledge. Their focus is primarily on marketing strategies rather than the technical aspects of website management, which can result in subpar website performance, security, and scalability.

Performance and Speed Issues

Digital marketing agencies often do not invest in high-quality hosting solutions, leading to slower load times and poor overall performance. Shared hosting environments can also result in resource contention, negatively impacting your website’s speed and reliability.

Security Vulnerabilities

Security is another critical area where agencies may fall short. Without prioritizing regular updates and best practices, your website becomes vulnerable to attacks. Outdated plugins and themes can create significant security risks.

Limited Scalability

As your business grows, your website needs to scale accordingly. Digital marketing agencies may not provide scalable solutions capable of handling increased traffic and data, often using hosting solutions that are not flexible or easily upgraded.

Slow Response Times

Marketing agencies juggling multiple clients may not offer timely support and maintenance, leading to longer downtimes and unresolved issues. Your website’s needs might not be prioritized, especially if the agency is focused on higher-paying clients.

Inadequate Backup Solutions and Recovery Challenges

Agencies may not implement robust backup solutions, putting your data at risk. In the event of data loss, they might not have the expertise to restore your website effectively, leading to prolonged downtimes and potential data loss.

The Impact of Poor Digital Marketing Practices

Poor digital marketing practices can negatively affect website performance and user experience. Slow-loading websites frustrate users, leading to high bounce rates and low conversions. Additionally, slow website speed negatively impacts SEO, as search engines like Google prioritize faster websites in their rankings. Ultimately, a poorly performing website reflects negatively on your brand, eroding customer trust and damaging your reputation.

How WebDevStudios Saves Your WordPress Website

The word rescue painted in white on the red background of a boat floating in water. Rescue is reflected in the water.When a potential client approaches WebDevStudios with a myriad of mishaps, we set up a call with them to discuss what they’re seeing go wrong and offer some possible solutions. These are the most common.

Identify the Problems with a Website Audit

Saving your WordPress website can begin with a comprehensive website audit to evaluate performance, security, and functionality. A client can only know so much about what looks to be wrong with their WordPress website based on the frontend. However, a website audit allows our team of WordPress experts to get under the hood for a thorough investigation.

Common signs of poor website performance include slow load times, high bounce rates, and low conversions. We often find typical issues such as outdated plugins, bloated code, and poor hosting, which most marketing agencies miss.

Optimize Website Performance

Once we uncover the difficulties with a website audit, we can focus on cleaning up and optimizing code and removing unnecessary plugins and scripts that slow down your site. Enhancing security measures, such as implementing SSL certificates, regular backups, and security plugins, ensures your website is protected from threats.

Implement Best Practices

We ensure your website has a responsive design for all devices and optimize images and media for faster load times. Implementing caching solutions and CDNs improves performance, while regular maintenance and updates keep your website running smoothly.

Recommend Managed WordPress Hosts

Improving your managed WordPress hosting is crucial. WebDevStudios has established partnerships with the best options. Based on your specific needs, we recommend managed WordPress hosting providers and facilitate the necessary introductions to ensure you receive the best hosting solution.

Prevent Future Issues

To prevent future issues, WebDevStudios offers ongoing WordPress support services. Our team becomes your team, helping you maintain optimal website performance and emphasizing the importance of regular audits and performance checks.

Does Your WordPress Website Need Saving?

Rescuing and optimizing your website is crucial for maintaining a robust online presence. At WebDevStudios, we specialize in identifying and resolving performance issues, ensuring your website runs efficiently and effectively. Contact us for a comprehensive website audit and performance improvement plan.


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