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Custom Post Type UI Supports WPGraphQL

In case you are not aware, our awesome engineers at WebDevStudios (WDS) are losing their heads. No, we haven’t been offending the Queen of Hearts. I’m talking about Headless WordPress and the possibilities presented by this method of content delivery, without being tied to the frontend. As such, Greg Rickaby, our Directory of Engineering, documented how WebDevStudios used Next.js to build a 1000 page project. Since then, Evan Hildreth has provided a quick tip for adding custom meta fields to GraphQL. With that, I am pleased to continue this GraphQL topic with the announcement that with the release of version 1.9.0, Custom Post Type UI supports WPGraphQL.

Thanks to some well-placed WordPress hooks, we have technically had WPGraphQL support for a long while now, but never formally as part of the plugin itself. Jason Bahl, the creator and maintainer of WPGraphQL was also maintaining a Custom Post Type UI (CPTUI) extension that provided the UI fields to set and save WPGraphQL integration within the settings for post types and taxonomies registered with CPTUI.

Going into our March Five for the Future day, Greg informed me that Jason reached out about getting official integration for the two pieces, and after a touch of consideration, I agreed that it was time to merge them into one. Utilizing that day’s time, I set out to adapt and pull in Jason’s work into our primary plugin. If you are not using WPGraphQL at all with your site, or are perhaps not even sure what it is, you have nothing to worry about. We made sure to load the related changes only if the WPGraphQL plugin is available. If it is not, then you will only see the other 1.9.0 changes.

To help with transitions, we set up an admin notice for those with the now legacy CPTUI integration, letting the users know that they no longer need that original extension and can remove it without any loss of data. It should switch over seamlessly.

We are excited about the future of Headless WordPress and the types of creations developers around the world can produce with it. We are even more excited that users of Custom Post Type UI who are wanting to explore and try out Headless WordPress can now do so without having to leave us behind.

So what are you waiting for? Download or upgrade to Custom Post Type UI 1.9.0 and share with us what you are thinking about making in the comments below.


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