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Ignore the naysayers. Email newsletter marketing is still relevant. At WebDevStudios, we subscribe to and read various WordPress newsletters. In this blog post, you will find a list of our favorite WordPress-related email newsletters, in no particular order.

Why subscribe?

This is a photo of a red mailbox with white daisies painted on it.By subscribing to WordPress newsletters, all the latest and greatest WordPress news, announcements, and tutorials will be delivered right to your email inbox. It feels personal, no different than having a meal delivered by DoorDash.

You could perform a Google search on the kind of information you desire, or visit the website of every single WordPress company you know and love. However, it’s so much easier to rely on other WordPress experts to curate the highlights for you and serve them up directly.

How many email newsletters should you subscribe to?

This is a photograph of four black mail boxes, side by side, all with the red flag raised.The amount of WordPress newsletters you should subscribe to depends on what kind of information you seek. These are the general topics found in WordPress email newsletters.

  • WordPress versions, updates, releases, and patches
  • Plugin news, such as reviews, recommendations, or new plugins added to the repository
  • WordPress ecosystem news, like who is hiring, which companies have been acquired or merged, and upcoming WordPress events
  • Tutorials, tips, and how-tos
  • A collection of the most interesting WordPress news of the week, along with recommended reading

Because WebDevStudios is a WordPress agency, we like knowing all of the above. Still, that can be an awful lot of emails, and some people don’t like that. We recommend selectively choosing WordPress newsletters that specifically cater to your appetite for information while also not crowding your inbox.

Recommended WordPress Newsletters

Below is a list of WordPress newsletter that various WebDevStudios team members read and recommend (in no particular order). Please note that each person on our team is not subscribed to every single email newsletter on this list.

Also, this list is not a complete list. There are actually many, many WordPress newsletters out there. To help you start, peruse our list. Enjoy!

WP Tavern

WP Tavern has been around since 2009 and is now owned by Matt Mullenweg, a founding developer of WordPress. According to the publication, it covers news and events, writes plugin and theme reviews, and talks about key issues within the WordPress ecosystem.

If you’re thinking of limiting yourself to only one WordPress newsletter, this would be it.

Post Status

Post Status is a huge favorite at WebDevStudios. It truly delivers WordPress news with the same vibe and energy of the WordPress community itself. It’s like having a trusted friend sit at your desk with a cup of coffee and tell you about what’s going with WordPress.

Subscribe to this WordPress newsletter at the Post Status website.

WP Owls

WP Owls holds a special place in my heart because this email newsletter consistently features content from the WebDevStudios blog. Yes, I am biased.

Aside from that, WP Owls also features guest editors. These are those highly-revered WordPress folks whose opinions you value. So, that’s super cool.

While Post Status is like a trusted friend, reading WP Owls is like having the coolest kid in school stand at your desk and tell you everything you need to know.


If you’re a just-the-facts person, then wpMail is for you. It’s simple. It’s chockfull of information. And, it’s dependable.

Arriving weekly in your inbox, wpMail contains a well-curated listing of links that take you to WordPress news and articles, plugin and theme news, tutorials, and WordPress-related videos and podcasts. Sign up at the wpMail website.

WP Explorer

Are you interested in learning about WordPress? Head to WP Explorer for all the education you need.

Subscribe to their newsletter and discover what tutorials and guides are available. Beef up your knowledge today.

WP Content

Various members of the WordPress community submit featured content for WP Content. Think of it as an accumulation of articles recommended by your peers.

Receive the most popular articles delivered to your inbox when you subscribe. Go to WPContent.io.

The WhiP by WPMU DEV

WebDevStudios engineers love WPMU DEV. Who can blame them? This place has everything—tools, plugins, support, and loads of information.

The WhiP is a great resource of WordPress news, reviews, opinions, and random stuff. Also, they like to sprinkle in a little comedy, and we love it! Get the WhiP now.

The Repository

While wpMail keeps it simple, The Repository builds a lot of commentary and reporting around their links and recommendations. We are here for it. Their added thoughts and viewpoints keep their WordPress newsletter juicy and interesting.

Gutenberg Times

Okay, Gutenberg Times is really, really special. Here’s why. This WordPress newsletter focuses its information specifically on… wait for it—WordPress Block Editor, codenamed Gutenberg. How awesome is that?

So, if Post Status is your friend, WP Owls is the coolest kid you know, then Gutenberg Times is your favorite expert specialist. If you’re interested in learning all things WordPress Block Editor and Gutenberg, click here to subscribe to this weekly newsletter.

The WP Minute

Always busy? In a hurry? Like your news delivered bite-sized? Subscribe to The WP Minute. Period.


If you’re a professional working in WordPress, you want to subscribe to MasterWP. As they describe it, “No affiliates, no filler, no noise, just the good stuff.” Photographers subscribe to Digital Photo Pro. WordPress pros subscribe to MasterWP.


Torque is a publication by WPEngine, and it is considered a leading resource for WordPress news. Topics range from development, to security, to themes, to events. Visit Torque’s About page to subscribe.


We would be remiss not to mention our own newsletter. Delivered monthly, the WebDevStudios WordPress newsletter features commentary from one of our chief executives, our latest blog posts, announcements, and advice. Sometimes we throw in a GIF. Visit our newsletter sign-up page to subscribe.


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