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WebDevStudios Welcomes Aboard New Teammates

Fresh faces and talent are always a great addition to our website agency. We are excited to introduce you to our newest project manager and backend engineer: Leonel Torres and Mauricio Andrade. They bring experience and passion to our company, so we know they will fit right in with the rest of our fantastic team. Help WebDevStudios welcome aboard new teammates. Please keep reading to get to know Leo and Maurico now.

Leonel Torres, Project Manager

Leonel Torres, Project Manager

Our website company was first brought to Leo’s attention by WebDevStudios (WDS) Account Manager, Pia Miranda.

“Pia talked to me so much about WDS and her experience working there that I was impressed and wanted to be part of that great environment. So far, I’m very happy to be here, and I love the great teams we have,” says Leo.

Besides that, Leo was also inspired to join our team because he wanted to learn more about web development, specifically how project management plays a role in the lifecycle of a project.

“Normally, other companies combine project and product management, and that doesn’t allows you to be fully focused on the project management process,” Leo explains.

He’s looking forward to expanding his knowledge of WordPress, which is also one of his 2023 goals, and learning from our engineering team. However, he’s also interested in playing a supporting role.

“I want to be a great support for my team. As a project manager, you are a facilitator, and you are a server, so being able to do that in an outstanding way is key for keeping the team committed to the cause and happy,” Leo elaborates.

Leo loves to cook when he isn’t making his mark at WDS. He claims three dishes to be his specialty: grilled steak, baby back ribs, and homemade breakfast.

“I just love grilling, and I marinate my steak with light beer, so it gets softer, and it tastes as if it’s smoked,” explains Leo. As for breakfast, he loves making an omelet with mushrooms, roasted beef, and muenster melted cheese.

Sounds delish! We look forward to seeing how well Leo also cooks up the projects he manages.

Mauricio Andrade, Backend Engineer

This is a portrait of WebDevStudios Backend Engineer, Mauricio Andrade. He is wearing glasses and looking away from the camera.
Mauricio Andrade, Backend Engineer

We love when a new staff member joins our team because they have already heard of us.

“I initially heard about WDS because of open-source projects like CMB2 and CPTUI, which I used routinely on my projects,” Mauricio reports. He adds that when he was ready to find a new position, he knew he wanted to work for a company whose values aligned with his own.

“Researching online about WDS convinced me that it was a very cool workplace,” he says.

Mauricio wants to learn and collaborate. “I am particularly interested in furthering my knowledge and skills in WordPress, especially in features like blocks and full-site editing,” he states.

It’s also Maurcio’s first time working remotely, so he places great importance on being organized and productive. He really values open-source technology, saying, “I genuinely believe it’s a powerful idea already changing the world.”

Mauricio strongly believes that, considering WordPress’ popularity and growth, it warrants quality support from companies and users. We’re confident that Maurcio’s drive and skills will contribute greatly to its innovation, especially when you consider his interests—philosophy and logic.

However, Maurcio’s focus is on more than just quoting philosophers. He says, “My interest revolves around the philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and philosophy of logic as subjects matter. Special mention to modal logics, such as epistemic logic, the logic of mathematical proofs, inductive logic, and probability logic.”

Wow! That’s impressive. It’s no wonder that Mauricio is already making his mark at WebDevStudios. You could, too. We’re hiring now.

Please look at our Careers page to view our current job openings. You could be the next new teammate that WebDevStudios welcomes aboard.


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