Fresh Talent! Meet Two of Our Newest Team Members

WebDevStudios is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our crop of talented technologists. Our goal has always been to deliver exceptional WordPress solutions to our clients, and we believe that hiring the best minds in the industry is crucial to achieving this.

With that in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Aslam Doctor and Django Doucet. Both are frontend engineers and bring a wealth of expertise and passion for web development to our agency.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into their background, skills, and interests. We invite you to join us in extending a warm welcome to Aslam and Django. Let’s celebrate the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to grow and thrive as a leading WordPress website agency powered by a team of brilliant minds.

Aslam Doctor, Frontend Engineer

This is a portrait photo of Aslam Doctor who is a frontend engineer at WebDevStudios.
Aslam Doctor, Frontend Engineer

A passion for WordPress is normally one of the preferences for joining the team at WebDevStudios (WDS). Aslam meets that requirement. Here are the elements he listed that he likes most about WordPress.

  • Open-source
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Active community and support
  • Regular updates related to security and new features
  • Ability to choose different development workflows
  • Ability to add more features using plugins

These reasons helped him fit right in! Aslam says he applied to work at WDS  because he sought a work-life balance. “Especially after the Covid period, securing a remote position with these benefits was highly appealing,” Aslam says.

Aslam also says that he was impressed with WDS’ impact on the WordPress ecosystem. “A compelling reason for joining the team was the fact that WDS is a prominent contributor to the WordPress community. Having relied on the CPTUI plugin throughout my entire freelance career, the prospect of working for its developers presents an incredible opportunity.”

It has been nearly six months since Aslam joined WDS, and he reports that every single day has been an exciting journey. “I am fortunate to be part of a team filled with highly talented individuals who are always ready to lend a helping hand whenever I face challenges,” says Aslam.

He says he really appreciates the team standups, describing them as engaging and helpful. “Our daily team standup meetings are not only focused on planning the day’s work but also provide an opportunity to discuss fun topics,” Aslam says, adding, “This dynamic atmosphere brings a refreshing boost of energy to the team.”

Of course, Aslam is grateful for the opportunity to participate in Five for the Future. “It is a rewarding experience to give back and be part of something bigger,” exclaims Aslam.

He has a lot to say when it comes to comparing his previous freelance lifestyle with working in a website agency setting, such as WebDevStudios, offering the following advice. “I recommend looking for an agency that fulfills the following criteria: extensive experience on the platform or technology you specialize in, a fair and decent pay structure, a collaborative team environment, and a commitment to work-life balance.”

When he’s not building amazing WordPress websites, Aslam is exploring his interest in sci-fi movies and video games, and Sufi music, which is a genre of devotional music that is associated with Sufism, a mystical and spiritual tradition within Islam.

“It often includes poetry and lyrics that express themes of love, longing and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment,” explains Aslam. “The music is performed with traditional instruments such as the tabla, harmonium, sarangi, and dholak. The universal themes and melodic richness of Sufi music continue to resonate with people from various backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and shared human experience.”

If you’re interested in learning more about and listening to Sufi music, Aslam recommends this playlist on Spotify.

Django Doucet, Frontend Engineer

Django Doucet, Frontend Engineer

Like Aslam, Django is also a big fan of WordPress, saying, “It’s a great and generally accessible software. A big part of what makes it that way is the community, the force behind the documentation, plugins, themes, and events.”

Django was inspired to join WDS because of our blog. “I was looking to dive deeper into Gutenberg and full-site editing and many of the helpful articles were written by folks at WDS,” he says.

So far, Django is enjoying settling into the team and processes at WDS. “Everyone is passionate about their work and pushing boundaries of what is possible,” Django reports.

Before joining our team, Django worked on educational websites. He has some great advice to offer anyone in charge of that area.

“Think of the students! Prioritizing accessibility and performance are essential baselines,” Django advises. “In-demand features include being able to compare programs and facilitate building a schedule before committing to registering for classes,” he concludes.

Django lives in Edmonton, Canada, where he explores the hiking trails. “A family favorite is the Millcreek Ravine trail,” says Django. “We usually end up quite conveniently at Kind Ice Cream afterward,” he adds.

Join Our Team

Don’t Aslam and Django make working in WordPress and at WebDevStudios sound incredible? That’s because it is! Plus, we’re hiring.

If you want the kind of work-life balance that Aslam talks about on a passionate team that Django describes, please check out our Careers page to find an opportunity that works for you. Apply online and join our fresh crop of talent.


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