Two New Team Members, One Big Impact

WebDevStudios is delighted to welcome two new members to our team of WordPress experts. We know that adding new people to an established team can be a challenge, but we are committed to making them feel welcome and supported. We want them to feel like they are part of the team from day one.

Meet our two newest Frontend Engineers: Ashley Stanley and Jennifer Farhat. We are fortunate to have recruited Ashley and Jennifer months ago. They were eager to dive right into client work. Ashley and Jennifer have already made a significant contribution to our team, and we are confident that they will continue to do great things.

The right people can make a big difference in the success of a team. They can bring new ideas, perspectives, and skills to the table. They can also help to create a positive and productive work environment, which is very important at WebDevStudios (WDS). We are excited to see what Ashley and Jennifer will accomplish in their new roles. We know that they will be valuable assets to our team.

Ashley Stanley, Frontend Engineer

This is a headshot selfie portrait of WebDevStudios Frontend Engineer Ashley Stanley.
Ashley Stanley, Frontend Engineer

“I love the community of WordPress developers,” Ashley exclaims, adding, “I’ve been an active member since 2011 and have seen it grow from powering 11% of the CMS market to the incredible force that it is now dominating 65.1% of the market.”

This passion for WordPress seems to be a driving force in Ashley’s career. Before joining WDS, she worked on Fortune 500 website overhauls and helped launch new brands where she got to help tech founders take an idea from concept to something that they were able to grow and scale.

“I’ve worked with and learned from international companies that have a global impact, but I kind of have a special place in my heart for smaller local brands,” Ashley describes her career. “It’s fun to be driving down the street or see a product in a store and think, ‘Oh! I worked on their site!’ I’ve also had the honor of working with solopreneurs who I get to help grow and expand their footprint. It’s so cool that WordPress can be used for both enterprise and small business.”

Lucky for us, Ashley was looking for a break from being a freelancer when she happened upon the opportunity at WebDevStudios. “The more I got to know the team during the interview process, the more excited I was to work alongside some REALLY smart, funny, and kind people who love to do what I do,” she says.

So far, she has settled in quite nicely. “It’s been ridiculously easy to integrate into the team,” Ashley reports. “I honestly feel like I’ve been here forever! Everyone has been so welcoming, and it’s honestly been a breath of fresh air. I’m not going to lie; after working solo for so long, I was initially a little nervous about potentially finding myself in an unhealthy team dynamic. So there was this tension—where I was excited about the upsides of being on a team while considering the what-ifs. The good news is that the team dynamic has surpassed my expectations!”

When Ashley isn’t heads-down on a client project, she is active on social media and has been exploring the potential of Threads, Instagram’s answer to X, which was formerly Twitter. If you’re on the fence about joining Threads, here’s what Ashley says.

“As a big extrovert (and a social media lover), I have had the best time on Threads! I know people have lots of different opinions about it, but to me, it feels like one fun chaotic group chat that I love being a part of. It’s been fun to have a mix of coworkers (shout out to Mitch Canter) and devs, along with my favorite Instagram personalities.”

Ashley adds that it can feel a little bit like whiplash when you first get on Threads because there’s so much to sift through, but she has these two tips:

  • Use the mute function as much as you use the like and reply functions. The algorithms are still being built, so anything you don’t like or that doesn’t fit with what you’re trying to get out of Threads—MUTE IT.
  • Respond to everyone’s Threads the way you respond to Instagram stories after a couple of glasses of wine, as though the post was a personal message sent to just you and you’ve been friends forever. Sound crazy? Ashley says to trust the process. You’ll enjoy your Threads experience even more, plus you never know who you’ll get to meet. Heck, you might even get to meet Ashley!

Jennifer Farhat, Frontend Engineer

This is a portrait of Jennifer Farhat, a frontend engineer at WebDevStudios.
Jennifer Farhat, Frontend Engineer

Jennifer joined WDS around the same time as Ashley months ago, and she says the experience has been fantastic so far. “The onboarding process was very smooth, and I got to meet most of my teammates and learn about their roles at the company within the first week.” She adds, “I am very inspired by the culture of always sharing knowledge and helping others and meeting client needs while being on top of the new technologies and standards.”

Like most WordPress developers, users, and all-around fans, Jennifer appreciates that the software is free and open-source. She also likes that it is scalable and user-friendly. Knowing that WDS is founded by pioneers of WordPress and that our team is heavily involved in its community appealed to her and inspired her to apply to join.

“Several developer friends reached out to me as soon as they knew that the website agency was hiring and encouraged me to apply,” reports Jennifer. “After joining, it has gotten even better. WDS offers a great work-life balance, and it gives back to the community. For example, the last Friday of every month is Five for the Future.”

Now, our team at WebDevStudios is quite diverse, with members who have interesting backgrounds and histories. Jennifer is no different. Prior to web development, she had already established a career in tennis as a player and a coach.

Jennifer began playing tennis at the tender age of seven. Over time, she played in several International Tennis Federation tournaments and ranked among the best in her country. Later, she got into coaching.

“It was a wonderful stage of my life where I had a highly competitive team between the ages of 8 and 16 with whom I traveled several times a year throughout Venezuela to play important tournaments,” explains Jennifer. “Despite the fact that I decided to continue my career as a web developer and dedicate all my time to it, I am still in contact with many of them. They are the ones who now support me after I decided to play leagues again in British Columbia, Canada.”

Surely, life as a tennis coach has helped Jennifer in her career as a web developer, right? She confirms yes.

“One of the things that my background as an athlete and coach has helped me in my career as a frontend engineer has been discipline,” she answers. “Another one is the desire always to learn and improve even though there could be days when things are not working. It always comes down to giving our best efforts and being better. Tennis can be a bit of a lonely sport and that is why I am very grateful for the supportive, team-building, and communication culture that exists at WDS.”

We’re Hiring a Director of Accounts

Reading through Ashley’s and Jennifer’s interviews surely has inspired you to join the team at WebDevStudios. We can’t blame you. Currently, we have an open position for a sales pro. The Director of Accounts is responsible for leading our sales team to achieving and exceeding our sales goals.

If you’re a seasoned sales professional with excellent leadership and client relations skills, please take a look at the job description for the role and apply online today.


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