Michael Beckwith

Website: http://michaelbox.net

Once upon a time warp…

In a galaxy very very very very, far away there lived a ruthless web developer known as…Michael Beckwith.

Michael has been on computers for as long as he can remember, heralding back to before Windows 3.x. He has been making websites on and off since the days of Angelfire. He’s been especially active since graduating Dakota State University in 2007 with a double major in Multimedia/Web Development and Graphic Design. Since then, he’s focused primarily on theme and plugin development within WordPress, making it bend in as many ways as possible.

When not working on the next “greatest plugin ever,” Michael can frequently be found watching The Daily Show/Colbert Report, various old tv shows from the 80s and 90s, and cheesy movies. You can also find him enjoying microbrewery selection beers and in #wordpress IRC on freenode, helping out end users get familiar with WordPress.

He is unofficially recognized as the WDS Prowrestling “Most Remote Employee,” as Brian Richards refuses to relinquesh the belt so easily. Rumble in the Code, time and place TBD.

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