Website Optimization

As your WordPress website grows, it will need optimized to handle the increase in traffic and page loads. WDS can help! We specialize in the best WordPress optimization techniques for your website. Whether you have a Multisite network, or a single WordPress site, we can help speed up your site, handle higher traffic loads, caching, database optimization, and more.

WordPress Optimization Services

  • Website Speed Analysis – We can provide a speed audit of your website and help diagnose problem areas with recommended fixes.
  • Database Analysis and Optimization – Inspection of your WordPress database setup. Recommendations for optimizing database speeds.
  • Hosting strategy – Need to migrate, or upgrade, your hosting setup? We’ll create a hosting strategy, with hosting company recommendations, to handle your current WordPress work load and future growth plans.
  • We are here to help day or night! If you ever have questions about any services or solutions we provide please...
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