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Companies using Sitecore for their website must make a tough decision—stay with the platform as it transitions to a cloud architecture or migrate to something more dependable and cost-effective, such as WordPress. Learn why WordPress is your best choice.

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What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the perfect foundation for the web. WebDevStudios is the leading WordPress design and development and website services company that can support your WordPress needs. We provide end-to-end WordPress opportunities from strategy and planning to design and development, full data migration, extensive API integrations, scalability, performance, and long-term guidance and maintenance. We pride ourselves that our entire team is continually learning best practices for developing in WordPress and assuring that your website is fast, safe, and secure.

  • Power and Versatility
    WordPress, a powerhouse in web development, fuels more than 43% of all websites, including mammoth platforms like NBA, Monster, Time, and Campbell Soup Company. Even prestigious entities like NASA and the White House rely on its capabilities. Contrary to assumptions, WordPress stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Sitecore in capabilities for less expense.

  • Flexible Open-Source CMS
    At its core, WordPress stands out for its flexibility and user-friendly interface. This free, open-source Content Management System (CMS) operates on PHP and MySQL platforms. Its open-source nature slashes costs, eliminating the need for expensive licenses. Plus, the plethora of add-ons and themes, both free and premium, offer extensive customization options without the need for intricate coding.

  • Hosting Independence
    One of WordPress’s key advantages lies in its independence from any particular hosting provider. This open-source platform enables effortless migration to different hosts as websites expand or evolve. Companies, irrespective of size, can cherry-pick features that align with their needs and seamlessly integrate them with their preferred web hosts, providing unparalleled flexibility.

  • Cost-Effective Customization
    While certain premium add-ons come with a price tag, they’re substantially more affordable compared to similar extensions available on alternative platforms. This affordability extends to both plugins and themes, making WordPress an economically viable choice.

  • Affordable Scalability
    When considering factors like cost-effectiveness, scalability, and ease of use, WordPress emerges as an accessible and scalable option suitable for businesses across the spectrum of sizes. It empowers growth with its user-friendly interface. WordPress stands out effortlessly.

  • User-Friendly Management
    The intuitive interface of WordPress significantly makes content management easier for content and marketing teams. This streamlined management further trims operational expenses, making it a practical choice for companies aiming to cut costs without compromising quality or functionality.

Watch How Easy It Is to Use the WordPress Block Editor

Using the WordPress Block Editor is easier than you think.
Watch this WordPress Block Editor demonstration to see for yourself.

Client Success! A Sitecore to WordPress Migration Example

The Problem

IPG, a leading figure in the manufacturing and distribution of paper and film-based tapes along with protective packaging for both industrial and retail purposes oversees a network of 13 websites in diverse languages. Initially, 10 of these were integrated into the Sitecore platform, causing significant management challenges across the board.

Recognizing the necessity for adaptable branding and color adjustments while maintaining a standardized design, WebDevStudios proposed employing WordPress Multisite to IPG.

The Process

The process commenced with an in-depth analysis of IPG’s pertinent data, laying the groundwork for a meticulous data mapping strategy. Subsequently, a tailored script was devised to seamlessly transition application and product categories from the existing Sitecore setup to the new WordPress installation.

Ordinarily, migrating data across multiple languages within WordPress would involve using WP All Import in tandem with WPML, a translation plugin. However, Sitecore’s content structure demanded an additional layer of complexity.

A Bespoke Solution

A bespoke solution was crafted, integrating specific code into migration and translation plugins. This customization facilitated specialized functionalities crucial for an accurate and successful migration, transforming Sitecore’s backup information into files compatible with WordPress Core import tools and WP All Import.

Moreover, ongoing enhancements were implemented across several IPG websites, encompassing WooCommerce integration, global site elements, Gutenberg blocks, and custom post type templates.

Preserving SEO Impact

A successful WordPress migration should have zero effect on your SEO efforts. At WebDevStudios, our team takes tactical measures to protect a client’s SEO. When migrating a website from one platform to another, website developers deploy several methods to protect SEO:

  • 301 Redirects: Implementing 301 redirects from old URLs to new ones ensures that search engines and users are seamlessly directed to the updated pages. This preserves the website’s link equity and rankings.
  • Retaining Content and Structure: Maintaining the website’s content, URL structure, and internal linking as much as possible during migration helps sustain SEO. Ensuring that essential keywords and metadata are preserved is crucial.
  • XML Sitemap Submission: Generating and submitting a new XML sitemap for the updated website helps search engines discover and index the new pages efficiently.
  • Monitoring for Errors: Regularly monitoring the website post-migration for any broken links, missing pages, or other errors is essential. Promptly addressing these issues prevents negative impacts on SEO.
  • Testing and Verification: Conducting thorough testing and verifying the new website ensures that all SEO elements, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and structured data, are correctly implemented and functional.
  • Crawl and Indexing Checks: Verifying that search engines crawl and index the new website’s pages is crucial. Tools like Google Search Console help monitor indexation progress.
  • Performance and Speed Optimization: Optimizing the website’s performance and speed on the new platform enhances user experience, indirectly benefiting SEO rankings. Our experts rely on tools like Core Web Vitals to help us get the job done.

Why WordPress Is a Better Fit Than Sitecore

For companies seeking a cost-effective, flexible, scalable, secure, and user-friendly CMS, WordPress emerges as the superior choice over Sitecore. Here’s why.

  • Cost: WordPress, being free and open-source, saves significant long-term costs compared to the high-priced commercial CMS, Sitecore.
  • Flexibility: WordPress caters to a broad spectrum of websites, from simple brochureware to intricate e-commerce, whereas Sitecore is more specialized for specific site types.
  • Easy Host Switching: WordPress offers flexibility in hosting, allowing reliance on any managed WordPress hosting service, unlike Sitecore, which ties users to its own specific hosting.
  • Scalability: WordPress easily scales to match business growth or reduction, while Sitecore might struggle to keep up with the demands of a burgeoning enterprise.
  • Security: WordPress regularly updates with security patches, ensuring robust security; Sitecore has faced vulnerabilities and may not match WordPress’s security standards.
  • User-Friendliness: WordPress stands out for its user-friendly interface, accommodating even non-technical content managers, whereas Sitecore may require technical expertise or costly training.

WordPress vs Sitecore: See the Differences

COST Free CMS Software Expensive Licensing Fees
HOSTING Use Any Managed WordPress Host Limited to Sitecore
FLEXIBILITY Easy to Customize Limited, Add-Ons Are an Additional Cost
SCALABILITY Enterprise-Level Scalability Enterprise-Level Scalability
SECURITY Regularly Updated with Security Patches Regularly Updated with Security Patches
USER-FRIENDLINESS Easy to Use Complex to Use

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