WebDevStudios is home to a number of awesome WP devs, designers and support staff. We all work hard to assure that our clients receive a great website and a stellar experience when working with us. Check out our awesome team!

brad_williams Brad Williams is a computer programmer and tech junkie who enjoys exploring technology and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. He also has a serious love and passion for buffalo wings and is always on the hunt for a great wing spot.

me Brian Messenlehner is extremely passionate about his work and enjoys learning about new technology. He believes open source software is the key to successful and cost effective web solutions. Brian can never turn down a game of Halo and enjoys going to Ninja practice on the weekends.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson is the third partner of WebDevStudios, LLC. Prior to joining WebDev, she was owner and Creative Director at E.Webscapes, a custom design studio that provides professional design solutions for people and businesses. Lisa is the author of WordPress For Dummies and is the "For Dummies" brand franchise author for all things WordPress!

Dre Armeda Dre has joined our leadership team here at WebDevStudios and has stepped into the role of VP of Operations with a focus on organizational and business development, talent development and strategy.

Shayne Sanderson has been working with WordPress since 2006 and has been a freelance developer for most of that time. He enjoys attending WordCamps and speaking/teaching about WordPress whenever possible. In his off-time he enjoys spending time with family, traveling and playing some old school Nintendo!

Justin Sternberg is an established "designeveloper", a term he coined when he began transitioning from a designer to a... developer. He loves building custom hand-crafted solutions with WordPress. CPTs, custom taxonomies, and APIs FTW! He is also the proud recipient of the Duct Tape Award, given him at the first annual WebDevvies "awards ceremony", "for being able to fix just about anything".

Ben Lobaugh

Brad Parbs To put it simply, Brad Parbs is a WordPress fanatic. Spending his time writing code, reading docs, and contributing to WordPress in multiple ways, he just can't get away from it. When he's not working, you'll probably find him playing weird video games or teasing cats with laser pointers.

Patrick Garman Patrick first started using WordPress with version 2.7, but only in version 3.0, did it become his platform of choice. While freelancing he found he had an affinity for e-commerce development, and started building commercial plugins for WordPress powered e-commerce websites. Patrick is also the organizer of the WordPress meetup in Peoria, which is the local meet up where he resides in Cuba, IL. When Patrick is not developing with WordPress and Node.js, optimizing servers, or trying to learn new web technologies, he is usually relaxing at home with his wife and two dogs. Relaxing usually involves some casual video games and grilling/smoking various meats.

Ryan Fugate When Ryan is not breaking WordPress, he rides his Vespa around Los Angeles and frequently indulges in churro consumption at Disneyland.

marcus Marcus Battle In Marcus’ spare time, him and his wife are planning and preparing for their first child – “Baby Boy” Battle, so that’s already keeping them on their toes. (They’re not telling the name yet just in case they change their mind).

Jay Wood

Chris Reynolds

Dustin Filippini

Michael Beckwith When not working on the next "greatest plugin ever," Michael can frequently be found watching The Daily Show/Colbert Report, various old tv shows from the 80s and 90s, and cheesy movies. You can also find him enjoying microbrewery selection beers and in #wordpress IRC on freenode, helping out end users get familiar with WordPress.

rami Rami Abraham

matt Matt McAchran

SAMSUNG CSC George Mamadashvili

Camden Segal Camden brings experience in front-end development and Wordpress theming to WebDev and is excited to share his drive to create accessible, compliant, and intuitive products. In his free time Camden enjoys playing and creating games. His first commercial game Panspermia is available for iOS and Android. He also enjoys eating pizza, fishing, and attempting to tame his cat Wrinkle.

Corey Collins blames his stepfather and a Commodore 64 for spurring his love of computers and, eventually, web design. The days of editing solely in Notepad and using groundbreaking technology like tables and flame GIFs may be behind him, but only to focus on new projects based in WordPress.

Greg Rickaby worked in the Radio industry as an DJ and Engineer for 15 years. During that time he also freelanced as a PSD Conversion specialist. Today he is expanding his skills in WordPress as a front-end developer at WebDevStudios. He love CSS, PHP, and making code beautiful.

Stacy Kvernmo When Stacy isn’t designing and creating sites in WordPress, she enjoys spending time with her beautiful family ( you can learn more about them on her web site at: and doing yoga. You can also follow Stacy on Twitter — @funstacy.

Simon Urbina Simon Urbina is a Web Designer, App Developer, and Information Architect with over 20 years of experience. He started as a graphic designer and illustartor in the late 80's and made his transition to web in 1996. He's a talented artist who understands business strategy, user experience, and technology. He's a proponent for the user and completely in love with technologies like WordPress.

Will Schmierer

Damon Cook

Suzette Franck

Nate Schaumburg

CMC2 Cristina Cannon is a digital project manager who loves to inspire the design and development team to consistently exceed client expectations. With her passion for food, you can find her in the kitchen experimenting or out to dinner at a new local restaurant with her lovely family.

Jaimie Jaimie Olmstead

April Williams is responsible for keeping WebDevStudios organized and operating smoothly. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, cooking, hanging out with her zoo and exploring the Philadelphia area.

Melissa Hoppe has 5 years experience in customer service and enjoys the challenges with WebDev and the WordPress community. Melissa works with our Project Managers, Designers and Developers to ensure our client needs are met, if not exceeded. When she is not busy answering phones and email, Melissa likes to spend time with her friends and family and is completely enjoying her status as a new mother of her beautiful 1 year old baby girl.